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    Timing chain rattle on start up..????

    Got my 1.3 about 7 years ago with 39k on it and it rattled when first started. If you put fresh oil in it makes it a little better on startup so as soon as i hear it begin to rattle a little i know its time for an oil change. Goes quiet when driven but can sometimes still chugg chug chugg on...
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    tyre wearing out from outside

    National tyres were doing tracking for £15 ... you need to take the voucher in to get it for £15 if they are still doing the deal.
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    1.3Si refusing to fire

    Furred up dizzy wont help things but.... have you checked error codes (flashing red diode in ecu) .. if you have no spark it could well be the coil thats packed up in the dizzy (mine failed) ... really would check the error code to see what it pointing to ..saves much messing about ... light can...
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    1.3Si refusing to fire

    Hold accelerator pedal to the floor ... keep it there ... turn over for about 10 seconds .... if its begging to fire keep it turning ... big cloud of black smoke .... ..... My guess is its flooded ;)
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    Head gasket related question - liquid gasket sealant

    I would have a good read up here first Also worth looking on you tube .....
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    Head Gasket blown/'leaking'

    If you do try it shop around .. Its £29 odd on Amazon .... might be cheaper elsewhere :) But having read many reports from Amazon customers I would advise to not use it. Many state that not only didnt it work, it also blocked the radiator and heater matrix .....
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    Inlet manifold removal K11 1.0

    You can get the filter off with a filter strap and socket drive from the top, put the strap on an wind it up till tight ish and then attach the socket drive ... bit of a faff but doable .... and there`s just enough room to screw on new filter and tighten it by hand ... use a tea towel to give...
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    Just found this .. might be a cheap fixr upper :)
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    corroded cross member

    You would get it done on a sunny afternoon easy .... just take your time and buy at least two professional spot weld drills because thats the majority of the work .. you definately dont want to attepmt this with "Grandads old drills" .... Tip ... if you dont weld the new one and just cover in...
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    corroded cross member

    Cross member costs about £25 to £30. This is a cheap one ...... You will need a couple of spot weld drills 8mm i think ..there about 30 to 40 spot welds on it ... and...
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    Next door neighbour has a little old ladies saxo for sale and was pondering buying it as a cheap runner. Just thought i would ask anyone who has had one what they think of them. This is in a nice electric blue .... has the full bodykit/spoliers on it.... furio model ? ... done 50k total, and...
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    1998 K11 bits needed

    If the coolant tank is cracked/holed on the top top its an easy repair with Glass fibre matting and resin. Breakers would be the place to get window clips or as said they can be reglued onto the window with Rhino glue .... plenty on, wind the window up tight and leave overnight :) Connectors on...
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    Window 'clips'

    Just on the offchance that your trying and failing to re bond the glass on these ..... use rhino glue .... Mine seperated from the glass about 3 years ago and are still well and truely bonded in place :)
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    [SOLD] SR Alloys Full Set with Tyres For Sale

    Hi Joe, Would you take £50 for them ? Can collect Saturday