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    1992 K10 LS for sale

    Hi, Time has come to sell my K10. This has been in my family from new.My Aunt (now 90years old) bought this new and I have owned it since October 2014. I am the second owner. Everything works ok, it drives nicely. It’s a bit rough and rusty around the edges. It’s a white February 1992 J reg 1...
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    Will K11 14inch steels fit a K10?

    Hi all , I am sure this question has been asked and answered before in the past on the forum so apologies if I am going over old ground. My K10 wheels are rusty and leak air , they will not bead seal anymore either. The car has 35mm lowering springs . Will Micra K11 14inch steel wheels with...
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    Coilover Lowering

    Thanks for the advice . I have a set of pi lowering springs and new kyb shock absorbers all round now . All shocks were well and truely knackered bar one front one . The rear ones would freeze up in the frost , the banging and crashing from the rear and the ride was terrible until they thawed...
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    F/S SR alloy wheel, good condition

    Ok , thank you .
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    Coilover Lowering

    Hi I guess smacmax may be wanting to reduce the body roll of a K10 . I would also like to reduce the body roll . I have inherited my k10 winter runner from my elderly aunt and despite passing my driving test in a k10 I have been spoilt for 25 years driving hot Mini's so these days a K10...
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    Wanted: k10 door moulding , filler flap.

    Hi , I am looking for a some parts for my K10 . A passenger side door moulding for a 3door 1992 ? A window winder handle and a fuel filler flap with a lock , a white one would be good . Thank you , David .
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    Wanted : Super S wheels or banded steels .

    Hi , I am looking for a set of Super S alloys for my K10 , preferably with tyres and in Sussex area . Could also be interested in 13 inch banded k10 or k11 steels but nothing super wide . Thank you David
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    F/S SR alloy wheel, good condition

    Seen this ad a bit late . Have these wheels been collected yet ? Thank you , David .
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    fitting a rev counter dash

    Can anyone help with this ?
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    fitting a rev counter dash

    Hi , I have a 94 1.3 Micra and and want to fit a dash with a rev counter in it . I have read a couple of posts on the forum where owners have experianced a couple of problems . What models have the rev counter built into the dash ? Is it best to find one from a car the same or...
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    k10 1200 gearbox

    1200 gearbox Tried Bridges and other local alternatives . Is this box just fitted in the k10 1.2 ? Is there a alternative .
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    Engine painting from £22 and upwards

    Why not buy the black crackle paint as available for mgb dasboards and rocker covers as found on works prepared Rally MGB'S and Mini Coopers Of the 60's.
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    k10 1200 gearbox

    Hi, The 5speed gearbox in my 92 k10 1200 seized up today (been dodgy for a while ) stopped me dead in my tracks locking up the front wheels in a cloud of tyre smoke . Anyone got one ? I am in Sussex , obviously the closer the better . Thank you.