fitting a rev counter dash

Hi ,
I have a 94 1.3 Micra and and want to fit a dash with a rev counter in it .

I have read a couple of posts on the forum where owners have experianced a couple of problems .

What models have the rev counter built into the dash ?
Is it best to find one from a car the same or similar age to mine ?
Should it be a simple task of just swapping the dash pods over as the wiring loom in the car is pre-wired for a rev counter ?
Anyone got one in the Brighton area ?

Can't you fit an aftermarket rev counter gauge onto the dash instead of putting one into the dash? I think it looks better anyhow.


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its been covered quite a few times (probably why the lack of response)
a search for "tacho" brings up many relevant threads :)


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If you can find an instrutment cluster from a Super s it will fit straight in and the rev counter should work.

I might have one at work I will have a look tomorrow. Ring me if you are interested


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