Will K11 14inch steels fit a K10?

Hi all ,
I am sure this question has been asked and answered before in the past on the forum so apologies if I am going over old ground.

My K10 wheels are rusty and leak air , they will not bead seal anymore either.

The car has 35mm lowering springs .

Will Micra K11 14inch steel wheels with the standard size of 165/60/14 tyre fit my K10 without rubbing.

Thank you ,
I have no idea about the ET, but I run 185/55/R14 on my K10 with -35mm springs and it's fine, unless the back is loaded heavily (2+ people or a lot of junk in the trunk). I think you should be fine with those. They're only 1cm wider and with the lower profile they most likely have the same outer diameter as the stock 155/70/R13.