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    White smoke - misfire

    Im going to vääsa next month. Whats it called i will see if i can pick some up.
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    White smoke - misfire

    I would say water in fuel. You will need to remove the fuel rail from the back of engine and drain it out along with the tank.
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    Boot unlocks when ignition is switched off

    Sounds like it could be a broken wire between tailgate and body or a bcm fault.
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    MIcra C+C intermitant starting problem

    Did you sort this out? I would say its the ignition barrel. I might have one i can post you.
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    Pollen filter alternatives.

    There about £20. You change them every 2 years. Or go to a motor factors.
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    Abs and brake warning light flickering intermittently

    Also somthing i have seen a few times is the abs ecu wiring corrodes. If you catch it early it doesnt rot out the abs ecu pins.
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    Hi and welcome All......Oil..oil everywhere

    Welcome. Get under the car at the rear of the engine you will find the oil filter. I would guess this is leaking and the oil is running along sump to gearbox. If thats ok and it is from inside bellhousing there is a 12mm allan key bolt that leaks. Clutch is doen easilly within 4 hours. I used...
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    Automatic transmission fill hole - K13 ST-L

    Did you find it? I think if you look on the sump you will find two drain plugs. A 19mm nut is one and a 5mm allan key bolt is the other. If you take out the 5mm allan bolt you will get some fluid run out. This is the fill hole. While its running and at 40'c it should slowly drip out. This is to...
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    Try a new batery in the fob. Im guessing its keyless entry.
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    Battery removal for external charge (help!)

    I have had alternators pack up on them. They sound really screamy.
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    NATS1 Bypassing Problems

    Should be up under dash by bulkhead and close to kick pannel.
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    NATS1 Bypassing Problems

    Hope your able to get it working all ok.
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    NATS1 Bypassing Problems

    I work for nissan so i get a bit more info
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    NATS1 Bypassing Problems

    tats all our info we have.