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    Nissan Micra 1.4SE+ 3dr manual FOR SALE

    Hi whats the millage pls :)
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    micra is dead!!

    As said Pull fuel pump fuse then turn over till catches then replace fuse (should start) Or pull plugs, clean/wipe dry then replace and start again...which ever suits.. :)
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    Clicking noise from off side front wheel

    Well....... i would say CV but this clicky noise is normally when you turn left or right with cv joints.... So when you say it stays the same i would say a wheel bearing is starting to go.. to check wheel bearing jack up front and grab wheel at 12 and 6 oclock and rocking back and forth for...
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    After 20,000 miles and 3 years ownership my K10 went to the scrappies for £100 :( fantastic little car that was so good i kept it for much longer than i needed to.:cool: ill just have to make do with my spotless 2002 suzuki baleno gsr now ;) :D
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    Andy_S Micra SR20 - Done Properly

    Nice work :D
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    Andy_S Micra SR20 - Done Properly

    :eek: you need a fire extinguisher in your car asap. :)
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    Member's eBay Finds

    1.3 super s rare as rocking horse cherry turbo after down grading...
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    F/S: 8x13 Weller 8 Spokes with 175/50s 4x100/4x108 £220 [Link]

    "near new set of175/50 nangkangs (covered less than 800 miles), nice stretch" nice :cool:
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    Member's eBay Finds :confused:
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    A question of MPG.

    you have a heavy manfoot :D
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    What are you listening to?

    Krafty Kuts - Fresh Kuts - Volume 5 :)
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    A question of MPG.

    ^^ 40 in 12 years :eek: new car every 4 months for 12 years :D
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    K10 horn not working.

    yeah re wire it to a simple push (to make) switch on the dash :)
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    electric power steering?

    ive got k11 13" steels on my k10 and what with these pot holed roads knocking a bit of air out of the front tyres i find dry or low speed turning a bit annoying with no PS....... and ive got 15" biceps :eek: ......grrrr...... :D PS is a good idea if you can do it cheap.....electric PS would be...
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    March G# Reborn

    ^^ i feel ya, i saw my 200sx drive away 3 years ago after 10 years on my drive.....i still regret having to let it go :( she looks like shes in good hands, that all i ever wanted for my ex cars :)