Windscreen wiper stopped working


I've just gotten my first Micra, as was loving it until the other day when my drivers side windscreen wiper stopped working, whilst the passenger side one was fine.

I popped the bonnet, and tightened the but on the dodgy one, but to no avail.

A quick google search suggests this fault is not uncommon.

How do I fix this, is the motor at fault (which would be confusing, as one side is still working), or is there some sort of lever connecting the two that may be broken, and if so, how does one rectify.

To make do in the rain, I've had to loosen the good one, reset its position to firther up the windscreen, and retighten, so i clears most of thw screen, much like a rear window wiper.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Ahh thanks anyway, got a mate to show me how to take the plastic panel off the bit between the engine bay and the windscreen.

The arm connecting the two wipers had dropped off the O/S wiper, bit of tin foil in the joint made for a decent seal, seems to have stuck in place, will get some steel sealant on it tomorrow when the shops re-open.

Surprisingly easy job, hope it holds up lol...