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  • Allright mate, what you doing tonight/today? im gunna be down in bristol for the night.. so if you wanna meet let me know.
    Hey mate i dunno when ill next be in bristol, i suppose it wil be soon though.

    Theres a meet going on this sunday, the 9th i think it is but its just north of birmingham if you want to join even though it could be a bit far for you?
    i saw in that thread about the headlights from the scrappy that theres that other guy from bristol, Mic1.4 i think it is. i havnt actually met anyone on here yet so it would be fun to actually meet people that want to discuss micra! ha :D
    i can come down whenever its my mum that lives there so im pretty much welcome any time and its half term now, bonus! lol 15th of june is a way away tho could still meet tho and discuss micra maybe with that other dude from bristol
    allright mate, i have family that live in bristol so when im next down there i say we have a meet when you can drive your car of course, then we can go scrappy hunting lol
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