white/grey smoke.

head gasket had failed. had bores re-honed and new piston rings fitted. new gaskets etc and now when running gives out lot of smoke .revving makes it worse .same after 10 mins idling. PVC valve replaced and all hoses clear. oil/water levels are OK though not yet checked for bubbles in rad ( sign of anther blown head gasket) car too good to scrap but unless I save smoke issue won't pass an MOT :(
anything I have missed?
will check Sunday . also plug check. already rechecked crank.cam timing (OK) and valve gaps ( think ok but might recheck) compression is around 165 psi so cant complain. seems to me PCV valve might be part of issue as smoke showing blowing up from rocker cover to air filter housing. will ask be checking oil/coolant levels and for bubbles in coolant on Sunday. be just my luck head gasket isn't up to job and has blown again ;( did check torques ( twice) and bolted in correct sequence though now wondering if head /block is not flat enough? skimming is possible but simply not worth time and effort. major work already done and a second effort cant be justified by wife.
latest is car running OK despite 3 goes at tappets still sound noisy but gets bit quiter when hot . pulled off each spark plug lead and noise stays apparent from some distance away. fairly sure not valve /piston contact (checked twice) as with plugs out NO interference when turning over by hand. idles well. pulls Ok . so will have to live with it until something breaks :(