Time to move on... :( :( :(

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Well after thinking about this very seriously for a while now, I've decided that I don't have the time or money to complete the micra. :( I will be gutted when I come to strip it but unfortunately there is just too much work for me to take on on my own, and I don't wana spend anymore money on it after what has happened. I'm sure you can all understand the frustration I have been through with this car and know how much I loved it. Its a real shame it had to end like this thanks to people who I thought were my mates letting me down, but thats life. I have my eye on a Toyota Yaris T Sport which I have big plans for so the money from stripping this car, if stuff sells, will go towards that. I now have a full time job so can afford to buy a newer car, and make it a bit special.

I've met some great friends here and really enjoyed my time on the site. Everyone I have met has been great and really welcoming and I have met alot of people who I hope will be my friends for a long time to come. Not just from the NE but from all over the country. I loved taking my car around the country from meet to meet, but unfortunately, everything has to end somewhere. Its just a shame it ended the way it did. I have some great memories of the car, and that is what I am gunna keep with me. However, don't think that you can get rid of me that easily. I will still be hanging around, and continuing my support for the MSC, and since I am staying Jap I will still hopefully see all you guys again at meets etc.

Thanks to the admin team and everyone else for your continued support and for pushing me to try and get the car finished. Unfortunately, it no longer makes sense for me to continue on with it, both for myself and my wallet. :( Great bunch of people. :)

Bits of my car for sale can be found here...


Dan - Micra Man. :)


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Hi dan, I think its probably for the best. I dont see it as a case of giving up, but more a realisation that simply the car has simply gone beyond a point that is sensible to recover from.

Hard decision but totally understandable.


i think you have made the right choice mate, still hang about like a bad smell like me though


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tbh I saw this coming a long time back, just one problem after another, not surprising your moving onto something else.

Sorry to see it end like this.



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Good luck with the Yaris mate, still keep in touch, you know your still welcome here with your yaris hehe


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It is a shame 2 hear, but all good things must come to an end...

How about a K10 BBQ to go with SR_Micra_Boys K11??? Just a thought.

Best of luck with ur future choices but glad ur gonna be sticking around here!!


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I kno how hard this guna be 4 u chic so just wana say well done 4 bein brave and bitin the bullet and good luck with plans 4 future motor!
Even if u will rarely b around msc i know i will still see u i glad to think i is 1 of them ppl u mentioned as good friends =)
any help or whatever u need giv us a shout x x


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shame to see this finally end. there is always a point in a project as to weather it's worth the cash.

Shame, one of the few K10's i liked. :(
Sorry to hear that Dan, I was looking forward to seeing the finished product, yours was one of the cars that made me think of going back to a K10, still you never know when the Micra bug could bite again.


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its the right choice mate sometimes its nice to a have a newer car with some refinement all the best chap ;)


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Dan, have you thought about selling it as a whole project for someone to take on?

Would save you stripping the car and selling bits and then get a decent amount of money back on it in one go, might be worth a try...even selling on ebay.