The Rocket Is Back Up!! (QUICK!!)


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Right my micra is back up for sale as ive found a 1.3 in my area thats frickin perfect!!
But the guy says he doesnt want to keep it past this weekend.
And ive spent all my money already.

So for a 34,000 genuine miles micra...£700



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Its a k11 GX 5 Door
Only done 34,000 miles
Janspeed 4-2-1 Mani with full system been fitted
Lowered 50mm
Induction Kit
JVC head Unit, In Phase door speakers and Fli speakers in the parcel shelf.
And open mouth grille with mesh sprayed black.
Tax is up in november and MOT is due next year around april i think (can't check just now)

Few dings due to previous woman owner, being honest all it would need is a new back bumper.

£700 ono

For pics heres the rarely updated blog but it looks exactly the same except with black mesh.

Hope this goes to someone who can make it great like i planned to.