Sr20 swap, Almera gti, k10 micra build


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Would cutting into the chassis so much ever effect mot's? not nit picking btw, I think this is one of the best projects I've seen on here
Build update*

As my car draws nearer to finally being completed my main concern has been with the chassis.

I have put a 2litre turbo in a car from the 1980's that was only ever ment to be a 1litre with 60bhp.

So after some careful consideration and some sound advice, I've decided to have the engine bay reinforced. Gussets will be used in all the weak area's so that it may handle the extra weight and power. The engine mounts will also be revised.

It's not been an easy decision to make as everything will need to be removed in order to do this job, even the dash has to be taken out. It's going to set back the completion date and cost me more money. But all is not bad news, we hope to have it done by Christmas.

Here are some pics I've taken today...
(Stripping down is now in progress)

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The reason I don't want to use a roll cage is because I think it might ruin the standard look I'm trying to go for. Depending on how elaborate the cage is, they also make general use hard work too, "getting in and out of the car". I would also like to keep the option of having rear passengers as well.

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Completed reinforcements ******

It is difficult to try and photograph the following work. So below I have drawn a plan view diagram of my engine bay. It shows all the extra material that has been added to my bay in order to support the bigger engine.

The dotted lines represent multiple plates surrounding the engine mounts, multiple gussetes, one cross member from front to back, one front supporting bar, one upper and one lower strut brace.

Here is the engine back in its bay. Only finishing touches left now before I take it to get mapped.

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What are your goals power wise?
I don't have any power targets at the moment. My goals are just getting my car back on the road and making sure everythings built to a good standard. I will be more than happy with anything +200bhp to begin with. I think my current setup should be easily capable of that.

But having said that. I plan on upgrading the intercooler, fuel pump, injectors and exhaust. I'd Like to be running more like +300bhp figures eventually.

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Been checking out the factory weight of the k10 model micra. According to google its stock weight is a mere 635kg!

I plan on taking my car to a local weigh bridge after having it dyno'd. I'm interested in finding out the exact weight with SR20DET installed. Then I'll be able to calculate the precise power to weight ratio.

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Just finished refurbing these old rims!

I'm so excited about these wheels. I've always wanted to put a set of these on something. They are very rare. Specs are 14x7j offset -10

I had to remove the tires in order to give them a thorough polish with different
Gradient polishing disks. They was in a terrible condition when I first bought them. With curb marks on every wheel. They was badly oxidized and had no decals or painted centres. So after many hours , this is what I ended up with.

I will be putting these wheels on my car soon. So more pictures will follow...

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For me the best rims are the ones that have something rarer, and most of the time it always rests on Japanese cars, the only drawback is knowing where to find parts to repair them ..

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Finally I have my car back!

I am booked in for a remap at fusion motorsports on the 19th of april, So power figures will follow there after.

In the mean time, here are some photos of progress made which includes:

Test fitting my turbo wheels.

Test fitting my vw grille and fog covers

A custom lower strut brace welded on to the engine support.

A Full 2.5 inch custom exhaust system.













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Other jobs I've been able to do since getting my car back are. Shortening my exhaust tip, as it looked ridiculous....


Mounted my new lc2 innovate wideband. I placed it where It doesn't look so obvious. As I've tried to keep this car looking subtle and original as possible throughout the whole build.


Had to retro fit a Toyota yaris gear knob. I couldn't find an original micra 5spd shifter. So this was the next best thing.


Stretched some speaker material over my parcel shelf to hide my sound system. I also fixed some timber to the shelf to strengthen it up.



The boot liner needed shaping around the battery after the battery was relocated to the boot.


I thought it wouldn't be a bad Idea to have a fire extinguisher in my car with it being such a new build and having spent so much money. Better to be safe than sorry.

I mounted my ecu and tidied up the wiring which had been annoyingly stuffed behind my carpet. So I bought some metal brackets and bent them into shape. I found some existing holes to mount them to.

I recycled some spare boot liner which i had lying around from relocating my battery. I used sticky Velcro to attach it to my ecu. making my foot well look a bit cleaner.


For my front mounted speakers I made some boxes out of some spare oak I had. Then I bolted them to the car under my front seats.


After making my arches wider, I had noticed the rears was a prime target for stone chips. So I cut out some clear bumper vinyl and stuck it to my car before any real damage occurred.


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I found the perfect phone holder which utilises your blower vents to mount on. I bought a decent aux lead and routed it through my dash so its always at hand.
Great for using Spotify on long journeys.


Installed some extremely bright lights.


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Wow, you're brave chucking that amount into the project.

The usual- you could have got 2jz power for that etc is not really applicable here - if you take into account the fact you've paid to have the work done to save hassle/time and you've ended up with a little cool fast car. I mean what else could you spend it on for circa 300bhp per ton?

I've spent fair money on purchasing high end JDM cars but I've always done the work myself, which can go one of 2 ways and usually involves a lot of late nights and swearing but is of course rewarding IF it gets finished.

You've gone all in to get the job done how you wanted and that costs money- like anything it depends on how you look at it and what you want out of it

Unless you're planning on selling it on you'll get your investment out of owning it for a long time hopefully.
That thing looks rather quick, post a video or something, btw, were did you get the fender? I see a lot on eBay, but they have different sizes

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It made 224hp on the dyno. It was only limited by the maf sensor. So I bought a new maf to take it up to around 300hp. But ended up selling the car.

I had one or two sketchy moments and was put off by the thought of crashing such a small high powered car. I could have fitted a roll cage and invested another 2-3k before being totally happy with the build. But by that point I was 2 years in and down by £11000.

It broke my heart to sell the car after investing so much time, money and effort. but needs must I suppose.

I will probably buy another k10 in the future and when I do I will let you guys know.

here is what's been keeping me busy in the mean time :-


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couldn't resist buying another k10 !

This time I'm more focused on cosmetics, comfort, economy and a quality sound system. This micra will be used for the daily commute and occasional car shows.

I will be using the rare super-s body parts, making another custom centre console, lowering it on some 13x7's and I will also be making the same custom wide arches as last time. The engine will recive a carborettor and exhaust upgrade too.

so without further adieu, here is my new toy.

•29000 miles
•Lady owned since 1994
•5 speed manual
•3 doors
•Metallic beige
•GS model features interior extras
•2 keys
•Good original condition

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Glad you've got another one awesome little cars.

Ive got a 4-2-1 nova manifold i was going to convert also a Weber 34ich carber as well as some corse b coilovers all going cheap if your interested
so I've been busy the last couple of weeks since I bought this car. besides painting my bumpers and installing a new sound system. here are some of the jobs I've been doing....

new wheels. lowered 35mm on springs. bumpers installed. removed bumper side strips. bought a jdm plate. rust cured and underseald. replaced OEM stickers with new ones. painted windscreen wipers. fixed broken gearlinkage. replace side lights. new 12 months MOT. cleaned engine bay. bought some tailored car mats.

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