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Hi there, very interested in any NW meets. Am based in Llangollen/Wrexham area. Only got a very tame 998cc Vibe, with stock K11 lump on its 2nd cam chain, and a few rattly bits, so dyno is out for me! More interested in the social side and making contacts with capable engineers. I'm an electronics design engineer so please ask me if you need any mods, one-offs, special gadgets we could sell a lot of, etc. Best, Matt (micramoose)
Hi guys my Name is Charlie and im from West Yorkshire but I'd happily make the hour or so trip across to Cheshire/surrounding area for events/meet/dyno days! Especially once the car is done
Hey I'm Frankie from Blackpool... I'm happily up for meets and events but have to count me outta the dyno days lol...
Only got a little K11 (facelift) micra profile x
Just off junction 7 of the M62, Got a 1.0 S x reg to teach the kids to drive, I don't like to own up to this but I actually like it!
Had a Cherry, Sunny and a Stanza ( remember them) in the past so still a fan
Need a good set of seats locally if any one has any going cheap???
Alright guys, Lewie here from Ormskirk/Southport area, got a K12 1.2
Im up for any meets etc around the NW although dyno days are probably out the question!
Engine-wise shes boggo standardo and i dont think i want to know how much power she's lost over the years :p
Right all
firstly Hello from the NW reps myself and imp124
In the coming months i want to get some things organised having never been a rep before youll have to bear with me
Im hoping to get dyno days, track days, local meets organised
But to do this I need you!!(Y)
So After me lets have all the North West people introduce yourselfs that way i can notify each person individually of any planned events/meets

Location: Northwich, Cheshire
Name: Martin

you can also add any ideas you may have and ill see what i can do:grinning:
I'm from the north west haha! by looking at the last dates of the last posts i seem to be a little late....
Member: hilton484
Name: chris
Car 1.0 k11
Location: Preston

Not driving atm but hopefully back on road by end of month :)
Id be up for something but cant rly commint until its back on the road and recovered a bit from all the parts and insurance costs :p

Would defo like to get it dyno'd to see how much all the hard work will have paid off :)
Fair enough mate we will have to try and sort a meet out dunno where to have it would have to be a service station or something

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Needs to be like a alround place like somewhere like charnock richards or something

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everyone whos wanting to come attach this message to a post with area your from. And we'll try sort some where close to everyone. sound good @k10shaun
From Staffordshire, nothing going on in the Midlands meet section, so I may be able to have a wander up North. I live close to the M6 so It wont take me too long!
Theres a few lads round southport that have amicras so gonna try catch a cpuple and see if they fancy it what date and were?

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a place not to far from everyone would be best 'im from Lancaster. and a date not to sure guess we'll just have to discuss with everyone and then make a decision.
Ye id personally say charnock richard as its like a middle place in the m6 for the north west

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