Nissan UK K11 MICRA II Cabriolet Concept

When I first came across these images of what looked a UK/European spec K11 Cabriolet I did a bit of research. The images came from the website of a German company called Concept Carz. The images show several white left and right handed K11 UK/European spec Micra's! Unlike the 1997 JDM Nissan March FHK11 which had a more modern interior very similar to the 2nd facelift UK spec Micra! The interior in the images shows a pre-face lift Micra interior. The most obvious exterior difference is the UK/European spec bumpers! More subtle difference is the position of the mirrors in the plastic quarterlights forward of the front windows unlike the FHK11's located further back and mounted on the doors.
The question is why did Nissan Europe produce these K11 Cabriolet's were they just concepts or were they prototypes for a European produced K11 Cabriolet we may never know. The big question for me is whatever happened to the few K11 Cabriolet's made and where are they now???:-?
Nex and Andrew_S reckons the interior pics have been reversed so she is a right hander, I definitely think she is euro spec because of the preface interior the FHK11'S had a very similar interior to UK 2nd facelift! Also NeX pointed out the central electric roof locking mechanism:-?
The mirrors are throwing me as well theirconfiguration is definitely K11/AK11 also the side wing indicators are pre-facelift ? :-S