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Nissa micra k10 1.0l engine rebuild

Hey i am new to the page and i own a k10 nissan micra when i got the car i noticed that the car was smoking a lot and running rough and everyone was relling me that i woll need to change the piston rings or tappets so to try and get the engine in a good working condition i decided to rebuild it so hope it will be a successful build
Today i inspected the engine oil from the dip stick and i noticed that the oil was very watery , i heard that the problem could be that the coolant is getting mixed with the oil and that means that i have a blown headgasket but i dont know so if you guys know what the problem could be please reply to me on this blog thanks in advance
Today i dismantled the fuel lines on the engine, all the pipes that where connecting the car to the engine, unclipped and labbled all the wiring harness connectors connected to the engine, remove the spark plugs lines from the distributor and marked them ,drained the old engine oil ,remover clutch ,accelleration and speedometer cables and removed the alternater from the engine now the only step that remains is to disconnect the engine and gearbox mountings and remove the engine from the car then it's rebuild rime🤩🤩🤩