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Hi All,

The Nippon Challenge is an exciting new race series and it has recently come to a close at Brands Hatch. However, its aimed at guys like you. Lower budget racing on an amateur basis. Who know's if you are good enough you may get a sponsor and be able to do it full time. How cool would that be!

"What do you do for a living?"..."I'm a race driver!" lol

There has also been talk of introducing a Nissan Micra class just like the march cup.

Here is the beautiful Lucia Coward introducing the series from Brands Hatch.

Introduction & Qualifying Highlights:

Here are a couple the drivers being interviewed before the race.

Pre-Race Driver Interviews:

Below are two links for Race One, this coverage mainly follows Tim Clarke who runs in the GT500 class in his Mitsubishi Evo and Kris Dunlop in his Honda Civic. Both drivers are unfortunately involved in incidents during the race.

Race 1 (part 1):

Race 1 (part 2):

Hear the drivers thoughts after race 1, and see some of the action from the racing.

Driver Interviews - Post Race 1:

Race two is mainly focused on the Irish team, Tuning Factory who only entered a couple of rounds but enjoyed them selves so much they are doping the whole season in 2010. The are running in the yellow Honda Integra DC2, The car is running much less power than most of the other cars around him but the guy has serious skills behind the wheel. After a disastrous start he manages to claw his way back.

Race 2 (part 1):

Race 2 (part 2):

Racing summary to follow.

Please forward the links around if you like them, help spread the word about the series and get involved, come and check out a couple of rounds or form a team, it's a really cool bunch of people that race. We are currently trying to get funding for the series so the more views we get the better the chance of getting a title sponsor.

Your help is greatly appreciated.




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cool. Looks good fun :) one day when I can afford to/have the time/ I'd like to enter something like that!