new k11 micra owner Scotland

hey names Craig and I've just picked up a new k11 micra tempest 52 plate with the coil pack engine I'm actually a long time fan of the micras first time owner. I bought it as a daily as I also have a 1994 sti impreza and it's a bit costly to run day to day I hope to get to know you all and pick up some info on it P.S it won't stay standard long my cars never do
I'm in Auchterarder right in between perth and Stirling what about you mate and I'm not sure yet, my impreza is in the process of getting a built engine so alot of my money's in that so just collect ideas at first but I do have alot of spare turbos laying about.....
I'm Edinburgh Mate, car originates in Falkirk, and the donor car is north of Inverness. Had to travel for them hahaha, did you get yours local?