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My K14

Here’s my K14 micra ,
It’s a SV premium + , 0.9ig-t , and it has the orange exterior trim pack and 17” alloys with orange insert. So far it’s been nice having a new car drives nice just about enough power to get about at a reasonable pace. Iv a few mods planned a dump valve a set of lowering springs and a set of wind deflectors for now soon as payday comes I’ll order some of it car needs a good valet and polish first though.
Today I removed the awful dealer plate holders but the animals used self tappers for the rear and the original mounts are raised so I couldn’t Velcro that plate on so there’s no screws I’m going to have to sort something better out

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Any updates on the forge kit?

debating moding my k14 with a cone intake and lowering but, can’t fine any places that sell full coil over kits except in Germany and from the uk
Not yet, it hasnt arrived, the courior service has lost it for about a week They assure me it will be with me today or tomorroww . The H&R springs have arrived and will be fitted saturday this is my family car so coilovers are out of the question the pulsars getting the coilovers.
I've order a Dump valve kit should be with me in the next week or so if you manage to fit it before me please post some pictures of installing it as i have no clue what in doing lol

please post a picture of the car on springs as I'm debating buying some to lower 35 mm


Very easy install, remove old recirculating valve and pipe to intake fit forge valve and block intake with the supplied hose , Iv a box of spares too vac line a 25mm hose blank and a T piece

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Just had delivery today sadly they shipped the wrong valve and no parts so they’ve sent it again next day delivery so should be with me tomorrow 👌🏻 How does it sound?