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My Little Red K11


Dr. Zoidberg
Back in December I picked up my K11. She was in a bit of a sorry state when I bought her, slowly being eaten away by rot at the sills and looking a bit tatty. She needed some TLC.

She's a 1.0L 16V, and despite the tatty exterior (when I picked her up) she still ran really well. The engine is solid and will take everything you throw at it! Typical little Nissan!

Anyway here are some pictures from when I picked her up.

And the culprit to it's failed MOT at the time, this dirty great mofo:

Luckily, my father is a fantastic mechanic and had a go at fixing it straight away. Before I got round to modding it, we decided it would be best to get her through the MOT first! So, a few grueling hours or welding, cutting and sanding later...

Good as new!

Now it was time for me to let my imagine loose a little bit and get to the fun stuff!

I picked up a set of (slightly) dished multispoke alloys for £100 off eBay. They're 15x6.5, a little less wide than I wanted but they still looked great. Me and my dad cleaned them up and painted them, and got them on asap. We also lowered it about 4"s!

I also wanted to get a little bit more power out of it too, so I installed a mushroom air filter and a fuel pressure regulator. We upped the fuel pressure from 2-bar to 5-bar. It seemed to run sweet until the fuel pipe burst (haha) but it was no big deal, we quickly swapped the pipe and dropped it to 4-bar. It runs very nice at 4 bar with a good little bit of extra power.

I stripped it out and my dad fabricated a nice half-cage as well.

So this is how it sat about 2 weeks ago.

It's a little different now, I installed a couple of bucket seats and have put a Laguna splitter on the front. I've also raised the bonnet up by about an inch. I'll grab some new pictures this weekend (hopefully in the sun!)

I don't know whether or not to leave it as it is or do anything extra to it! Any little ideas will go down sweet.

Special thanks to my dad who's done a fab job of helping me out with it.

Thanks for looking, comments and criticism welcome! (Y)


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looking good so far mate, wish i had a dad that would help me like that :grinning:


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yeah looks good man do the horizontal wiper mod its really easy, and spray the nissan badges black and fill the nissan in red. oh yeah and ask your dad to make me a cage lol


Dr. Zoidberg
Thank you for all the positive replies! Will get some refreshed pictures up soon :grinning:


Dr. Zoidberg
Quick update.

Fitted 1.3 camshafts

I highly recommend this if you've got a 1.0L and want a bit of extra power! The new power band is amazing.

Rev counter


This is how the engine is looking at the moment. Unknown make air filter, fuel pressure regulator (running at 4 bar) and a painted rocker cover. Looks good!

And this is how the car is sitting now.

I'm going to JapShow at Santapod tomorrow, hopefully in the show area. Would be good to see some other MSC members up there showing off their Micras!


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looks really nice man, good work all in and the cage is looking nice!!!
Go for a 1.3 swap and youll be luvin' it. Thats all my advice.(Y) goodwork goodwork!


Very Nice looking Micra you have there. I like that Fuel Pressure Regulator Gizmo.(Y)


Dr. Zoidberg
Where abouts can I get my hands on a flywheel? I'm thinking of getting Brembo grooved brakes for it next. Don't know whether to do a swap or not, there's plenty of power as it is for now and I'm thinking of upgrading to something bigger next year anyway.

That reminds me, went Japshow today at Santapod and had a go on the handling course. Posted a time of 24.3 seconds, which was quicker than an R33 GTS, a 200SX and several other beastly looking cars. It definitely surprised some of them!


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lightening the flywheel is definately worth it.

heres mine, i own my lathe so only cost me a couple of quid electric ;)

as you will see just under 3.1kg *geek*



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CHRIST at £500 flywheel!!!! would of been 1/5 of the price to buy a new one and get it lightened at a machine shop! (and machine shop prices arnt normally cheap!)


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Lol - just seen this thread Harlen :). I've met this car in the metal and it really is lovely. Didn't know it had the cams but you can't argue with a 19 second quarter mile for a 1.0l (Y).