My 2008 1.2 Acenta+ with water in rear passenger footwell

Hello, my first post!

I bought a lovely little 2008 Micra 1.2 Acenta+ for the princely sum of £900 about a month ago. Seller wanted a quick sale and so it worked out nicely. It has just gone past the 80k mark and has been doing 48-50mpg indicated no problem at all.

So far very pleased with it, I have driven several Fiats in the past and so am used to little engines performing well enough. Pleasantly surprised by the 1.2 unit, it's got enough poke to get around the hills down in the South Hams!

I have got a problem which I think may be a broken washer fluid pipe. I have used quite a bit of washer fluid this week, the other day I heard sloshing sounds when pulling away on a hill. Have since checked the carpet behind the drivers seat and it is completely soaked.

So my question is - does the washer pipe run down the driver's side? If so, is it easy enough to get to or would it involve stripping the car down (not my forte it has to be said)?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, appreciate it might be something completely different!
Thanks for the reply!

Well, it was definitely the washer fluid pipe, and as you said down the driver's side. My solution of sorts - having pulled up the carpet I bought a cheap turkey baster and sucked out all of the screenwash that had gathered in the small gap :cool:. Slightly concerning that the wiring was so close to being underwater, but hey ho!:eek:o_O:D The sloshing has now gone.

Since then I've been very frugal with the screenwash, and only using the front washers (they seem to be working fine). I keep checking under the carpet every week to make sure there's no other water gathering, so that's good. Maybe I'll get round to a permanent fix but it's kind of the beauty of a cheap car that you don't spend much on it!:cool::p