MOT advisory x3

Had car pass MOT today. When I checked the cert at home there are x3 advisories.

  1. Coil spring corroded nearside rear 2.4.c.1b
  2. Coil spring corroded offside rear 2.4.c.1b
  3. Slight play in nearside steering rack inner joint

  • How serious are these?
  • Do I need to be concerned?
  • What kinda price should I expect to pay if they need sorting do you think? (I'm in the north east) was a local family run garage that did the MOT
Car is 05 reg.

Thanks in advance.


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there not that serious, that,s why you was given advisories,both rear coil springs will need replacing at some point in the future. probably same with the rack, price is gonna depend on the garage you take it to.