Lowering Springs - Eibach Pro Kit or Eibach Sportline?

Hello! I'm new to this forum and I do apologize for posting this thread. I'm sure many others have asked the same question.

So hopefully soon, i'll be lowering my car (its a Nissan Micra K12 1.2 2007 model)! I've already got a new exhaust system fitted and my next step will be finding the perfect lowering springs. I've found two which have peaked by interest. The first are the Eibach Pro Kit (which according to eBay, they'll lower the car by 30mm) and the second ones are the Eibach sportline (which according to eBay will lower the car by 40mm).

Trying to find ones that lower the car by 35mm is difficult lol. I understand at the start the car is lowered but not fully until has been driven then it fully lowers down.

I'm now wondering which out of these two would be best?

If anyone could help with some pictures, this would be great! (Or springs I could get that lowers the car by 35mm).

Really appreciate the help :)