K14 0.9ig-t servicing

Today was the first service at home for the K14 nice and straightforward just a oil and filter today. Here's whats required for anyone interested

Oil 5w40 just over 4 litres
Filter 15209-00Q0F

Tools required
Flat screwdriver for removing undertray clips
10mm socket for same
An 8mm square removal tool for the sump nut
And I think it was a 27mm socket for the filter housing

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Nice but, the sight of "made in France" and "Renault" made a bit of sick come up :sick:
K14 0.9ig-t
In that case you may be best pleased amused or not, that the whole thing is designed & built by Renault with badges engineered by Nissan.

I guess we are shy of one Nissan as it’s a Renault masquerading as a Nissan; possibly due to La Cost Cutter Carlos Grosn currently jailed on remand awaiting trial in Japan for fraud?

Quote : “Micra 0.9 IG-T 2017 Road Test ; The obvious comparison here is with the Clio, given the partnership between Renault and Nissan, especially as this Micra will be built by Renault in France”.

References; https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/road-tests/nissan/nissan-micra-09-ig-t-2017-road-test/


Always look on the bright side of life as I guess the filter is made by cheap & cheerful lowest possible cost supplier Fram for Purflux with a Nissan engineered embossed badge label on the box at 3 times the normal Fram price?
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I'm pretty sure I seen a documentary about the K14 build and Renault had to really up the game to make it on their lines ,
So far it's build quality is as good as my 98 pulsar if not better

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