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Kirkynut's 2002 1.0 K11 aka - Mickey/The Sh*tbox

I've come to own my 2nd K11 in the last few weeks. My first, a 1999 1.3 Inspiration, I bought a number of years ago now, with the insurance money from my Vespa PX200 scooter being written off, as I decided I'd get a car to stop people from killing me.

I sold that because I had desires for something faster and with aircon, electric windows etc. I know, I know the Inspiration has aircon, but mine didn't work and I didn't get it checked out professionally. It has keep fit windows though.

So I bought a Fiesta ST150. Loved it but 5th gear synchro started to whine and I suspect I didn't keep an eye on a gearbox oil leak and it ran low. Someone damaged the bonnet in a car park where I worked and I started to lose the love for it and owning a mint car that others would wreck.

Then my Mrs became pregnant, which was no surprise as it was via IVF, so I felt I needed a bigger car. I had never owned an automatic before and found an E46 320i with the Mtec1 bumpers. Lows and wheels made that look awesome but it needed the fixing stick every month and was costing me a fortune to keep going.

I sold that and pressed my super modified Suzuki Jimny off roader into daily duties. The MOT was due to run out on 06.10.2020 and the insurance on 28.09.2020, so 2 weeks before I thought I had better have a poke around underneath it with a screwdriver! I knew it was mechanically sound but hadn't had time to check the body and chassis since last year's MOT.

It is very holey and has a crack in the chassis by the rear o/s radius arm mount. It would be a lot of welding to fix, so I've called time on it. It's got a lot of parts that will fetch money, so I'll strip it and scrap the shell and chassis and sell everything I can.

Queue the urgent need to buy a car! 🚗

I was in a spot and didn't know what to get. I've enjoyed not worrying about people opening their doors onto my car with 3mm thick tubular rocksliders on the off roader. However there's a bit of a bufty in me too.

The Mrs has an 06 Skoda Octavia VRS petrol estate, which is fast, great for family duties and comfortable. So I quite fancied one of those.

There's very few of those around for sale in pre 2009 cam chain issue flavour during normal circumstances, but add a bit a Covid and there's little on the 2nd hand market.

I test drove a Corsa VXR Nurburgring and fell in love but it had symptoms of the gearbox bearing failure they suffer from. That was £8k!

Spending that amount of money on a car that other people will park next to, when I park at the far end of the carpark at Tesco to avoid them and then they rest their trolley on my car before they open their door on it does bad things for my mental health. So I felt confuzzled! What to do?

I looked at a R53 Mini Cooper S that a guy had spent fortunes on as a Lockdown project, but it needed 4 tyres, the wheels were corroded, the stainless exhaust had taken one for the team on a speed bump and been welded up with pigeon sh*t and it needed the oil filter housing gasket changing, which he had but hadn't changed, and I know why - they're a git!

With less than a week to go I was desperate and resigned myself to buying a cheap sh*tbox to keep me going.

I test drive a Peugeot 107 but concluded that there's zero fun to driving one of those.

The Mrs had a Ka years ago and that was fun, so I went to look at one locally. A year's MOT and electric windows with very little rot. That would do I thought! Until I saw it and found that the passenger door top didn't seal where it had been pulled out at some point.

Then the guy said "I've got this little Micra at the back instead then". My little eyes lit up and I approached it with trepidation. It was a K11. It has absolutely no redeeming features though, apart from being rust free, has power steering and a full service history to now on 84k miles.

It is red on some panels, particularly the rear bumper, which has been re-sprayed to a high standard - seemingly on the car by the red exhaust tail pipe! Other panels are pink and the odd bit is down to the galvanised metal. More paint comes off with the pressure washer!

The radiator has a couple of tiny holes but seems to lose only a tiny bit of coolant and it needs new jubilee clips on the low pressure power steering pipes. It needed a new CV boot for the MOT, sorted by the seller.

So full of nostalgia and in desperate need of a car, I bought it. The rose colour of the car likely tinted my spectacles but it must have stained them as I love it!

I pick up a Nissens radiator from Eurocarparts today for £28! I have plenty of coolant and new jubilee clips for everything on the shelf, so I'm happy with that!

The next thing to do is to replace the front tyres. They're old and cracked Dunlops that have hardened and offer no grip at all. Tricky with no abs in the wet!

Then a decision needs to be made. Do I keep it and modify it as a ratty car or save my money for something faster and nicer with electric windows and aircon?

Well that decision is still to be made but I can tell you that I'm currently watching several sets of wheels and some electric window regulators, with motors on eBay, have made enquiries about coilovers and found Gizfab for the panhard rod, should things go that way!

So you've read all this and feel quite hard done-by because there's no pictures yet eh! I'll sort them soon and show you what I've done to personalise it. Until then, close your eyes and imagine a standard face-lift K11 in pinky-red with laquer peel, rusty wheels with no trims and you've seen it in your head.

Today has been the first day I have been able to do anything meaningful to Mickey due to work, weather and family commitments. The Mrs went out for the morning and early afternoon, so my 4 year old and I set to it.

Whilst there seemed to be no coolant loss, I was getting the off whiff of coolant and the radiator clearly had a few holes. So £28 later at Euro Car Parts and I had myself a new Nissens Radiator. Changing that was the focus of today, along with getting photos, checking the front brakes for condition and having a generally good look over what I have bought! I also needed to clean up the mess from years of weeping power steering pipes where the clamps were not tight enough.

Here are a load of photos of my little sh*tbox and where I'm at with it:

Believe it or not - this was actually on Autotrader - albeit I stumbled across it

Yes, I know £695 is far too much with red and pink paint (and sections of no paint) but I needed a car quick and well - look at it! It's full of character with all of its patina! Crucially it's not rusty on the sills and underside!

All of today's photos are of it up on axle stands I'm afraid as that was all I had time for. I'll do some arty farty stuff another day.

You can see my £20 Ring spot lights that I have pulled off of my off-roader and put on this to give me some light on the country lanes on the way home from work and to give it a rally car look (well, a little!).

My help for the day:

I went out to it one evening last week and made sure all the bolts were free to change the radiator so the little man could undo them for me. It keeps him interested:

So other than adding the spot lights and removing the wheel trims (because I loath them), I have also brought across my klaxon from my off-roader. The little man loves it!

Here seemed like a good place for the klaxon's button:

I had this gear knob on my first K11 and kept it. Now I'm glad I did:

As the car is a bit of a sh*tbox, I bought it a suitable badge:

As I'm not taking this car too seriously, I thought I'd live up to some stereotypes:

The car is poverty spec:

I thought I'd miss a rev counter but I can tell by ear and feel when I'm in the power? band and need to change up and have enough experience to know what I can get away with in changing down in respect of revs to keep it buzzing.

Chunes and phone calls come courtesy of Sony and I think the old Nissan CD player might have made the bin already!

I need to upgrade the front speakers and invest in some rear ones. I had a good quality sound in my old K11, which had speakers in the parcel shelf that I uprated with something expensive.

As you can see, it has patina! There must be some stories behind it, although the last owner, a lady called Irene might not have driven it like what I does!

That's galvanised metal with no paint on!

The brake pads have loads of life left on them but I would have treated it to new discs with the last set of pads. When they have worn out it will get some new discs too!

Unfortunately the n/s outer CV gaiter is now split. The seller had to put a new one on the o/s for its MOT, so I did wonder how long it would be before the n/s went. I'll get my local tyre shop / garage to change that next week as I need to get new front tyres asap. The old front tyres are just that - old! They're hard and cracked and have no grip! At £50 a corner for my favourite brand - Avons, I think I can stomach it.

With parts so cheap for this car, I'm not sure I'll get something better! £8.50 for a new CV gaiter from Euro Car Parts - and it's GKN, so not rubbish! It means I can justify drinking tea whilst a garage fits it, not me!

I have a code of P0136 though. So a new Lambda sensor is likely the next purchase. No biggie as it doesn't throw an EML other than the odd once but will likely need doing before next year's MOT.

Underneath is completely rust free! So I don't mind the patina look on top as it's only cosmetic and gives the car some character!

So what next after the running repairs mentioned above?

I will certainly look at the speakers but there's no rush as what's there is doing ok - it's just not as good as I could have or would ultimately like.

What I would like to do is drop it on coilovers and fit some 15" motorsport inspired wheels - like Compomotive CH style but not Compomotive CH's as they don't look great in 15". It would be a bit of a ratty rally car look!

When I say coilovers - I don't mean budget Corsa B's etc. I mean coilovers worth more than the car from Gaz or BC Racing! I want to be able to corner like I am on rails!

That will necessitate a change of Insurance companies mind!

I like patina and a bit of the rat look scene, but not full on ratted out. I therefore have no interest in sorting out the bodywork. If I have to add some prima to stop it dissolving I will but no topcoat. The underside will likely get a Lanolin based product on it to stop the rust coming though.

I love the look of these but they're 17's and are too big for the handling me thinks!

I've looked at Ronal Turbo's but I'm not sure they're the look I want.

What I ought to do is wait until next summer and see how fed up I get with keep fit windows. Leaning across to open the passenger window might get tiring and I'm not sure I can be fussed doing an electric window conversion.

Having said that, there's something quite quaint and attractive about wind up windows. My son had not encountered them until now, so had to ask how to lower the windows! He is only 4 though bless him - so I'll let him off!

In case you were wondering about the parking sensors - they don't work but are wired up, so one assumes they did work once, perhaps before the rear bumper was painted to remind us what the rest of the car once looked like!

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Do the stereo setting bwfore speakers , I got surprisingly good with my jvc and stock speakers all round

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I always set the stereo up properly when I fit it. Doesn't everyone? So it's as good as it can be.

I've ordered up some standard sized Avons for the front, to be fitted Monday and I have some Lanoguard to spray under this and the Mrs car to stop rust.

It needs a wash at the moment both on top and underneath as I had to drive it down a Byway to get the boy to school on time one day, due to temporary traffic lights causing mayhem. A bit of rally driving was required!

The gear linkage has got a bit stiff, so I need to get it up in the air clean and grease that up.

I've been super busy breaking my old Jimny off-roader as it's too rusty for another MOT and has lots of expensive bits on it! I've therefore not had any time to even think about K11's.

I am finding the engine noise quite loud in the cabin when I'm in rally mode down a country lane. I suppose it's because I've been on leave and using it more often with someone else in the car, so the music is lower for conversation, rather than just me with the music up loud in which case the engine can't be heard!

I've been spending most of my online time looking at what 4wd I'll buy next, to replace my Jimny for greenlaning.

It's a good work horse though. I'm loving not having to keep fixing my daily like I did the E46. I did love that old Beemer though and caught myself looking at a 330i on eBay last night!

I don't mean this in a patronising way but most of y'all are considerably younger than me, so a Micra is a really good car but I'm at the age where the insurance on my 1.0 K11 is similar to a 330i, so to me I have moments wondering what the hell I'm doing in a 1.0 K11 instead of a sports heated armchair! My bank balance reminds me, as does my body, as I've not spent as much time laying on my drive under it!

I've got some photos I'll try to pop up soon but it's just a pinky-red rusty K11 with a slightly weird and fat 42 year old owner with a fetish for cars everyone else my age think are sh*t and below them.

Pictures pictures pictures :cool:

Some pictures as it is at the moment:

5 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

4 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

3 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

This is it before I got my dirty little hands on it:

2 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

1 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

My son's freaky hand print one cold morning!

6 by Kirky Nut, on Flickr

Other than new Avon tyres being fitted on Monday and I need to sort out a new rear lambda sensor and free up the gear linkage a bit, that's all that's going on with it at the moment!

Driving it about today with ze music up a bit the engine noise seemed to not bother me too much. The Mrs moaned it is a bit small inside for us all, but I suppose we could just use her car - the family car! I like to use mine as I can play my music rather than listen to the sh*t radio station she has on and well - I like driving my car! I have bought her a Parrot, so once I have fitted that in her car there will not be such an issue. a 1.0 Micra is a bit cheaper on fuel than a 2.0T petrol Octavia VRS mind!

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I've been and got some new tyres this morning. Whilst waiting the fitter came and told me he was having trouble getting a wheel nut off.

I went and had a look and the thread is goosed from where the garage that did my CV gaitor a month or so ago must have done it up too tight with the impact gun. I'm pretty pissed off as I should have done the CV gaitor myself but I chose to pay an expensive £120 to not get my hands dirty.

Luckily you can get the studs out and back in without taking the whole hub off and I've temporarily used a Suzuki Jimny stud for the moment but it's not a tight fit. It'll do until I get another. I'll just draw the stud through with a wheel nut, rather than press it through. If I had to take the hub off I'd have been livid. I know I could take it back to the garage for them to rectify but I'd then lose half a day and have to walk home, then back again, when I can do it!

Neither Euro Car Parts or GSF stock or can get a stud! Would you believe it? My local motor parts shop will have a very expensive genuine stud in within a day or so for £9.99! I've chosen this route rather than the internet for speed and convenience really. I have loads of nuts from my Zuke, which have the same thread. If I ever get alloys, I'll get all new nuts anyway!

I've also been under it spraying Lanoguard. That's the easiest rustproofing I've ever done and I reckon likely the most effective!

Meh tyre mechanics and impact guns. That is bad to hear and for me a reconsideration for my tyre address.

Can you please point me to the Lanoguard product you have used? https://www.lanoguard.co.uk/

It's not the tyre fitter's fault to be fair. If he didn't come up against it I would have. It's the garage that over tightened it.

I got this package: https://www.lanoguard.co.uk/product...eoBv3x-gSuGcyvQWw9YKXJh441fn_6GRoCzb8QAvD_BwE

I also got the injector wand but will do that in the summer. I just wanted to protect it this winter. I've got the Mrs car to do yet!

Wow I'll start from there matey. Not sure what garage overtightened it? I can't distilate from text I believe? Some rust there won't help but I disregarded the rust subject but some rust on just the brake rotor does give vibration not starting about torqueing wheels on rust instead of hub hole but that does happen :)
My local motor parts shop was on the phone at 09.30 this morning to say they had my new stud in already. So I picked it up on the way to a blood test and fitted it as soon as I got home.

I can now see how good the new tyres are!

I love how small and light the wheels are on this when working on it! I'm used to 30" off roader tyres that are very heavy. This light duty stuff is great!

I measured the size of the lambda sensor to see what size removal socket I need but I'm a bit unsure it will want to come out as the exhaust, whilst in good serviceable condition is very rusty. A 22mm lambda sensor removal socket has been ordered from ebay nonetheless! We shall see!

I did order cheap, it can be roomy so that you know and you will want to keep the lower ring (size quite bigger) stuck in place or risk ripping up your cast iron manifold, break the two first threads trying to take off manifold and become quite stuck. If I could find a suitable header with work (Ga16 isn't a straight fit on a k11) I would take it if price is right and it should be something like 100 coins