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Kirkynut's 2002 1.0 K11 aka - Mickey/The Sh*tbox

Nothing much has been going on with Mickey/The Sh*tbox recently due to life being busy and having to spend money on boring things, holidays and the Mrs car.

I still have the desire to put Mickey on coilovers and fit some nice wheels though.

He's due an oil change soon, which I have the bits for but I've not had the time and the Mrs car needs an oil change and brake pads fitting first. Yawn!

I've a few ideas to develop the Sh*tbox theme though and I need to properly sort out my parcel shelf and speakers.

I've just added this sticker out of necessity more than anything else. I'll repair it at some point but I don't have the time or botheration right now as I have man-flu and might die if I strain myself that much.

I'm gonna have a lay down now as not only did I have to fire up the label maker but I also had to put new batteries in it, which we all know is too much for someone with man-flu!