K13 Power Steering

Hi everyone,

My daughter has a 2012 1.2l petrol Micra and the power steering has failed. She‘s been quoted over £1000 for a reconditioned electric motor +labour by the garage that sold the car. Also the quote includes for power steering fluid. Does this quote sound reasonable? Also, does the K13 have all-electric, or electro-hydraulic steering? I thought it was just an electric motor built into the steering column like the K12.

I wasn't aware that the K13 (or the K12 for that matter!) used an electric motor until I read this!

Digging through the service manual, it does indeed use an 'EPS'

From the manual, it seems like it could be fairly straight forward but getting to it could be a little involved with removing various panels. A quick google suggest a re-furbished unit can cost between £500-700..... ebay with units from a stripped car however is wildly different - between £50-150!

You may find this thread interesting (it starts to ramble on towards the end and goes OT). It relates to the K12, but I dare say it will be similar. Reading this thread suggests a DIY swap with a 2nd hang unit may not work as you need to pair it up!

Does not appear to use any sort of power steering fluid as far as I can see! Maybe they just added it as they dont fully understand the setup, and would raise alarm bells. If you have only had one quote, I would suggest looking for a 2nd!