K13 CVT fault no drive OBD P0846 P0848 Fixed 👍🏻

Hi, just wanted to post a quick threat about the CVT issues I’ve been having. 2012 model 45K bought as a slight damaged model. Minor panel damage to the Left front wing and I mean minor. Anyways, I got it cheap due to the damage. New wing fitted but the CVT would only move in R but not D or L. OBD fault codes P0846 and P0848 refer to the valve body pressure sensor. I checked the wiring and ended up getting a refurbished valve body from the USA which was less that half the price of any other UK or Europe supplier. Fitted with new NS2 and still nothing. Ended up having the AA relay the car to Automatic Transmissions Preston and them guys diagnosed the fault as the TCU. A new one from Nissan is over £1k so I ordered a guaranteed used from Poland. Hey presto it’s fixed. There is not much on the web for the RE0F11A unit for the K13 although it is the same box in the Juke and a few others. Apparently this CVT has lots of bad reviews but as king as the oil is changed regularly, it should last. The only issue is where Nissan put the TCU which is bolted to the battery tray. Basically it’s subject to the weather and lots of vibration as it’s only bolts at the bottom. I may add another bracket and add some weather protection. If you have a CVT and need either faults fixed/ diagnoses or even a service, Automatic Transmission Preston can do it for cheaper than the dealer and they have Consult💪
Anyone like my make shift engine crane whilst the box was removed!


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