K13 2010 REOF11A CVT Fluid (NS2 or NS3)


I have bought a 2010 k13 with 37000kms on it.
It has the following details on the plate.

Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Series : DBA-K13
Chassis No : K13-xxxxxx
Color : JAD
ENGINE : HR12DE (1198CC)

Can I know the correct CVT fluid for this?
And how can I find the correct manual ? (Service and User)

So far I haven't been unable to find the VIN number as well. (I haven't resorted to remove panles and search for it.)
Please mention possible locations if possible. I have alread tried under the (middle of) wipers and cannot see anything, may be do I have to remove anything ?

So far I have found these two manuals. (Mentioned in this https://www.micra.org.uk/threads/k13-service-manual.54533/#post-740156)
1. http://manytodo.com/downloads/Micra K13/
According to this it should be NS-2

2. Attached File : March Owner Manual EN.pdf
According to this it can be either NS-2 or NS3. (Except for Thailand, India, Brunei and Hong Kong: NS-2,
For Thailand, India, Brunei and Hong Kong:
Genuine NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-3)

Sources such as these state this trans "REOF11A GM38" is the new one and only NS-3 should be used.
This explains typically heavy nissans use NS-2.


  • March Owner Manual EN.pdf
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Any guide, link or tips would be appreciated.

To determine
1. Vin number
2. Cvt fluid
3. Service manual
4. Any sticker locations or indications that may be on the car?