K12 Rear Speaker Installation

Anyone able to advise on rear speaker installation on a 2009 3 door Micra K12? Totally new to anything like this so any advice much appreciated. I have managed to remove the head unit and can see the connectors on the back of it but I have no idea what kind of connectors I need or where they connect. Have also managed to remove the inside rear quarter panel which has the grill for the new speaker.

Thanks in advance (y)
I didn't chance speaker cables, I cut original connectors off from wire harness and replaced them with connectors that came with speakers.
Does this help: -06 Micra 160 SR of Mika The Finn
Thanks Mika. I just tested the new speakers yesterday and I only got bass coming out of them. Do you know if there’s any settings on the head unit that would prevent them from playing properly? The standard head unit is pretty basic so I’m guessing there isn’t.


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Has the head unit got a separate output for rear speakers as suggested in the Haynes manual...
K12 radio wiring.jpg

or are you wiring the rear speakers in parallel to the existing front ones?
If the latter, then THIS might help you.......