K12 Micra Wipers and Washer pump problem

Discussion in 'K12 Tuning Mechanical Servicing and Modifications' started by Tom-P10, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Tom-P10

    Tom-P10 New Member

    Hi! :grinning:

    My girlfriends K12 Micra had an intermittant fault with the wipers randomly coming on. This happened first a few weeks ago. She only uses the car at weekends and some evenings and this happened a few times but not every time the car was used. The washers worked fine at this point.

    Last time she used the car she found out that the washers were not working (front or back). There was no noise from the pump motor either but the wipers did kick in when the washer functions were tried (stalk held pushed back or forward for few seconds)

    So last night i took the arch liner off and part of the bumper to check the connections where on the washer pump, which they were.
    So then i removed the washer pump and hooked a 12v feed to it and nothing happened, other than some of the multiple times i tried it, it made a small spark and the unit got warm. It seems the pump motor has burnt out and shorting.
    As i didnt have a multi meter handy i couldnt check that the wires that i disconnected from the pump were live but i suspect these are ok and its the pump motor thats dud.

    In the back of my mind im thinking maybe the earlier wiper fault was caused by the faulty pump shorting and causing the auto wipe function to kick in. Other than that i suppose there could be another separate cause of the wiper fault and that has caused the washer pump to burn out! :eek:

    Two questions for you guys really:

    Has any other K12 owner had a similar problem and if possible how did they solve it?

    Any ideas where i can aquire a washer pump from at a decent price (maybe online factor?) cos i couldnt find any for this later model listed on ebay?

    Many thanks, Tom :)
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  3. Bash1989

    Bash1989 Ex. Club Member

    i had a similar problem on a p10 estate,where as my tailgate pump was dead, i took the pump out and connected a 12v feed and it just heated up and i nearly burnt myself lol,cost about 30 from nissan for a pump
  4. Tom-P10

    Tom-P10 New Member

    Cool, thanks for that Bash :) Nice to know you had a P10! :)
    Did this cure it and was ok for a while after? Im scared i will replace it and that another fault caused the burn out. If anyone still has any experience of this on a K12 i would be interested to know :)

    I havent thought to try Nissan Stealers yet cos just presumed they would be expensive! LOL Will ring them tomorrow.

    Its annoying cos there are quite a few brand new K11 pumps on ebay for about £10 but they look different cos only have a single outlet pipe (K12 seems to be two; for both front and rear washer jets) and also the wiring connector is at 90° rather than straight into the top.

    Thanks again
  5. Dragonmaster_uk

    Dragonmaster_uk K12 NUTTER

    not heard of this happening before mate you may find a new pump on ebay looking at the clio ones as nissan used a lot of renault electrical parts on the k12
  6. Bash1989

    Bash1989 Ex. Club Member

    its a pump at the end of the day mate, its not uncommon that they blow, supposedly your not supposed to keep the washer jets on for more than 10 seconds, cause that can cause it to blow
  7. Tom-P10

    Tom-P10 New Member

    Thanks for the replies guys

    Thanks Dragonmaster, I thought of that & tried Clio ones but it seems from the pics that these were different too :(

    A little update on this though: i managed to get the unit apart and found that the end of the motor (wherethe shaft comes out) was all rusted up and the shaft was seized!
    I freed it off and oiled it up andwill see if it runs off a 12v feed later - though i suspect if it was seized and getting warm that its already burnt the motor out!
    Will keep you all updated for futire reference :)
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  8. Bash1989

    Bash1989 Ex. Club Member

    No worries
  9. Tom-P10

    Tom-P10 New Member

    Got my dad to test it (cos im at work atm) and . . . . . . it now spins!!! :)

    Gonna put it all back together and try it in water when i get home and if it pumps ok i will seal the motor in the casing with some silicone to stop the water bypassing the rubber seal and rusting the shaft again.

    I will let you know next week if all sorted.

    Thanks to you all for the help :)
  10. Tom-P10

    Tom-P10 New Member

    Final Update on this!

    The pump worked and is back in the car and fully operational.

    Also so far the wipers havent been playing silly games either so im hoping the faulty motor was the cause of this too.

    In the end i put a big lump of grease inside the bottom of unit around the shaft to stop the water coming in again.

    Hopefully, if any other members get this problem with a K12 it can be sorted as easy and cheaply as this too :)
  11. nelshaun

    nelshaun Member


    If in case by now you still have problems with your K12 Micra Wipers and washer pump, I think it will be best for you to visit a dealer to get a new one or replaced your old one.
  12. Vitus992

    Vitus992 Ex. Club Member

    Good work Tom, I love "free" repairs!
  13. SteveG

    SteveG Intake n exhaust almost done, suspension next :)

    I realise this is necro-posting/reviving, but Tom-P10's suggestion to take the pump apart and grease it did the trick for me. For posterity, I've taken a photo of the old pump and new pump in an exploded view so you can see how it is comprised.

    The old pump was fitted by a local garage and for whatever reason, the original plug/socket was not there (possibly broken off, possibly removed on purpose). This looks like the cause of water ingress and inevitable rusting/seizing.

    The new pump was a bit stiff, but did register a pulsing movement when pulling the wiper stick back, so it seemed alive. Stripping it down and greasing/oiling it freed it up a lot and I've just tested the motor by itself connected to the under-arch cable and it fires up brilliantly.

    Anyway, the point of this post is, if you've got a pump from a scrappy/breakers and it doesn't seem to work, definitely give taking it apart a go. The housing just took some prising off with a screwdriver, and the motor can be pushed out by pressing up on the plastic impeller from the water inlet.

    The rubber piece on the left caps off the white (rear) outlet, as my K11 doesn't have a rear wiper/washer.


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