Washer issues

Hi all,

Just purchased a used K13 Acenta for my daughter today and happy with is so far. Had a K12 but some nice truck driver wrote it off for her....

Front washers aren't working.

When we pull on the stalk the motor appears to whirr but water comes from the rear of the car, front wipers wipe as expected. Pushing it away water come from the rear and the wiper moves as expected.

Plenty of water in the washer bottle.

Seems strange that the front wash / wipe also activates the rear washer (not wiper).

Is the behaviour correct?

Is this a know issue / any ideas?

I am thinking that either the front washers could be blocked causing back pressure or an electrical fault, maybe in the stalk operating the rear washer instead of front.

Help and advice appreciated.
Behaviour is not correct. However I have seen this when front water jets/pips are blocked (often in winter).

Try process of elimination. Disconnect the jet pipework from the jets to see if water will flow through them and try and work your way back. It could however be a blockage at the pump itself. I am not sure how to get to it, but its often a case of front bumper removal, or arch liner removal at least.