K12 Impul front brake disc size


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just purchased a recently K12 Impul supercharged and have come up against the first brick wall of it being a March rather than a Micra.

its a 2008 and seems to have 238mm discs, looking online certain cubes also have these but UK Micras have 260mm discs?!

Wishful thinking but can you upgrade to the bigger rotor alone or do you need to swap out callipers also?

its unusual because the mk1 cube I used to own had bigger brakes than UK Micras.

Any info appreciated



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That would be brilliant if you could mate.

Thought it was weird stock Micras having 260mm and these only having 238mm though hey.
Seems like an interesting question.
And something I did not measure when buying new I just hit the compatible list via euro car parts and it picks a match for you.
Will definitely take a look at the sicker on box and let you what mines has.
This is why it's important to keep things like that you don't know when the info might be useful.
Aye they are 260mm
The measure is on originals.
That box might lead to different size although they were same I think when I installed em.
The struggle is real when sizes and numbers don't match welcome to the club

They probably not going to fit at that size you should look at the smaller size being a slight reduction in weight from a standard UK micra tho?
I think those I take photo of are the originals.
You can change the size of rotors on bikes I think maybe it's similar.

Something to take note on is that the brembo sticker shows they also fit a logan.
That's one of them dacia cars also they fit for a clio III, Megan II, Nissan Note E11? .
Maybe in your case the march ones being smaller might fit another vehicle and if you find out that model could get them for that.
K12 micra UK and E11 are same but E11 is not a micra ?

Something I notice with the cube etc is they usually have the wide 14 inch wheels.
Or what look to be 14s.

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Cheers for that mate.

Yeah I’m used to it now with pretty much always owning imports but some do it simpler than others, something which you’d think you could just go down to ecp turns into a part number merry-go-round and Yahoo/eBay ballache lol.

The other thing that’s weird is that on epc it’s lists 2 different brake rotors for this calliper... both the 238 and 260mm...

Thanks again for measuring and checking mate 👍
Have you try nissan4u site to go via part number sometimes that has links to where to buy or gives different part numbers.

I've had to resort to that method a few times...


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Will give them a look.

I usually use EPC but regarding purchasing they only direct you to amayama, who whilst are very good and fairly priced most of the time, are based in Japan so time and import fees become a factor.
238mm discs are on JDM March K12. Micra has 260mm. I owned March and now I own Micra. They have a lot of minor differences.