K12 cdi engine cutout mystery!!

Hey guys. I bought a 2008 K12 cdi from someone that I trusted however found much more faulty with the lovely little car than told about. The latest problem has the most experienced diesel mechanics baffled. The engine cuts off after about 1 and a half minutes. Restart no problem, then again cuts out and so on. Every 1 and a half minutes. The only fault (that is left from the 10 initially) is a 'rail pressure' I think they said. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It really seems like an electrical issue somewhere. Please help!!
This is how they are tested.
It will be very similar to yours as most common rail engine work on the same kind of setup.

They should in theory all fill at the same rate.
And when one fills faster shows that its leaking.
And the opposite if they do not spray at all shows its blocked.

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