K11 smoothed tailgate with spoiler (not for sale yet).


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Hi, not sure if this should be in "buy or sell" yet, but if its in the wrong section I'm sure someone can kindly move it for me :)

Firstly, as you can see from the title of this thread, this item isn't yet for sale. However, it should be within the next 2 weeks or so (so no offers yet please).....

What I'm trying to do is just to put a feeler out to see if anyone would be interested in this and if so, what kind of price would be reasonable as I know very little about it.

I'm in the process of completing a K11 smoothed tailgate. It was originally from Gemma's car and I baught it off Ian (raceworx) with the intention of finishing it off and fitting it to my car. However, after thinking about it I decided I prefered the more standard look of the original boot, so I just removed the super s spoiler and fitted that to my car and decided to sell the rest once I'd finished it off.

So heres a few details.

All necessary welding and filling/fibreglass will have been done and the tailgate has also been de-locked. The wiring inside the boot doesn't look in very good shape and since I know virtually nothing about electronics, I haven't touched this, but I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me can sort it out.

The boot has been sanded down and will come finished in grey primer. However, please bear in mind that this has only been done with cans and I do not claim this to be a professional standard paint job, although there shouldn't be any major flaws in the primer.

I will also be attaching a spoiler to the boot (this will be just a roof spoiler, not a wrap around super s one) and this will also be finished in grey primer.

As I've already said, I'm still in the process of finishing this and I'm not accepting offers yet. I just want to see if anyone is interested (if nobody is I'll be ebaying it) and what kind of price is reasonable.

Having seen other smoothed tailgates going on here for around the £100 mark, I was thinking that offers starting at £60 would be pretty reasonable as this won't be perfect and will require a bit of finishing off, but let me know if anyone thinks this is too high.

Also, I will not be posting this as I haven't got the time to mess around with couriers and stuff (especially after what happened with Type-R's tailgate), so this will be collection only or I will deliver personally within 100 miles of my home at a cost of 20p per mile.

When this item is ready for sale I will be opening up a new thread and linking it to this one.....