K11 Dizzy 1.3 2nd Decat

Hi All,

Hopefully a quick q. Have looked on forums and online for answers, but nothing concrete.

I want to get rid of the 2nd Cat on k11 dizzy. Since the coilpacks dont have this 2nd cat, can I just use exhaust mid-pipe from one of those?
I can't imagine they would have changed set-up and machined new flanges or had to rework the exhaust that much between the 1st and 2nd facelift, but I can't confirm it for sure

Some places you could order it, and if it doesn't fit just have the courier back out to collect it for a return. That might be your best bet unless you can find someone who has done it and can give you a 100%
That's my current plan. Have checked the Haynes Manual and tech / service manual and it 'seems' like it should work. There is also a comment made my Frank on this forum from 2009 that says it should work....

Ordered the centre pipe + silencer for a 1.4 cga3de; hoping it fits. Will report back here :)
Yes it will fit. The 1.4 middle section is about 30cm longer than the 1.3/1.0 one. Exactly the same lenght of a 1.3/1.0 with 2nd cat.
Updated with pics.

Swapped out the exhaust center. A post-dizzy, coilpack pipe can be swapped in for a quick and technically stock swap out. Joints, rubber handles, bolt wholes all line up!

But also! F**king rusted on bolts:
WD40 overnight = no....
Blowtorch = no....
Angle Grinder = no....
Hammer and Chisel = success!


I behave myself now just on the slight chance that the punishment decided for me in hell involves removing rusty bolts 18 hours a day for an eternity

elbow in a puddle, sweaty forehead, and somebody bitching at me for losing my temper too easily - there could be nothing worse
Agreed. Tbh, I was part just smashing it with a hammer to vent - then noticed it was working :D

Its this, like, paradox through right? The older and more rusted the car, the 'stronger' the bolts are :|
I mean they're about to put a man on mars in the next couple years but they can't invent a better way to temporarily join 2 pieces of metal than bolts and tiny screws, it's insane

I've started greasing every thread I take off now, and then ideally wipe it down and spray paint over it until the next time you need to loosen it. But unless you bought a brand new car and then reassembled the whole thing with extra grease and paint, 5 years down the line you're gonna be messing with rusty blobs