K10 Super Turbo



I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me how to get hold of a reconditioned Super turbo engine for my Pao. It may be that I have to buy a donor car. I'm also trying to find an experienced mechanic who could fit it, along with all the electrics that go with it. I'm just south of London and am willing to pay good money to get the job done properly.


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to get hold of an engine you will probably have to import a March ST from Japan yourself, even then you cannot be sure of it's condition.


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Ah ha! I have a ST engine but unfortunately I want it to remain in my ST!! You wont find a reconditioned engine anywhere. You would be hard pushed to find any engine. By far a better idea is the MA10T figaro engine. By comparison you can get them easily. Something like this as you say would relativly be quite expensive, but given that $ im sure youll find the right person to do it.