K10: Searching ""Hardware Kit Front Disk Brakepads"

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gday all !

i am searching the above "Hardware Kit Front Disk Brakepads" for my K10 first registered September 1992
- especially the rectangular piece behind the outer brakepad (pos. 6, part 15)
- and the 2-part "button style" behind the inner brake pad slipping into the hollow brake piston (pos 6, part 12, 13)
both are supposedly made of some 0.8 spring steel, and thus rust-keen.

the two tracks per side where the brake pads slide on are not needed.

fyi and as drawing, nissan order no is 410 800 1 B 29
its position #6 "hardware kit front disc brakepads" here, parts 12, 13, 15

according k10-proven fellow drivers in my nissan forum germany,
these parts brake-wise are not needed and furthermore out of production,
like the end cap on the main brake cylinder and the brake force distributor.

still, i would like to give it a try and ask my brit fellows for help and comments.
maybe someone keeps a stock of these rareties or knows someonewho knows ...

thanks and warm greetings