k10 not starting

hi, me and my dad changed the timing belt on my k10 today timmed it all and did what it said on the autodata to do which gave me picture of the belt position. put it all on fine, it hasnt been started up in about 2 months and has had no petrol which untill today we put in. it wont start up now and the battery isnt very strong to keep turning the engine over. would the car not start if it has jumped a tooth as we tightened the belt up?

also friend of mine has problem with his not starting been driving it in the week on his farm but came yesterday which he filled up petrol and it wont start. so we checked the electircs seems to be ok but its not sparking now.

help please?

thanks scott


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They probably would run one tooth out. IF it doesnt start at all test the basics (ign fuel) first.



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If the carb has run dry it can take ages to get the fuel back through. check the sight glass on the front of the carb for fuel. If it's dry try squirting some easy start or into the carb whilst cranking. charge your battery up first though.
it was working fine about 2 months ago when i bought it. going to recheck belt nxt weekend i just dont what to do its just been standing and wont start?

i dont know where to go with my m8s either its just not sparking?


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with your mates have you checked the coil ? my old k10 started having trouble starting and would cut out when it felt like it...i ended up replacing the carb which fixed it instantly. Though if the battery isnt great that wont help :)
we took the coil off my other micra which is running fine and tried it on my mates car but still no difference ???

goin to use some easy start on it in the week n see if she will start up