k10 Door locking pin (help)

Can anyone help me out and tell me the size of the thread on the door pins. I've checked and from what I can tell it is 3.5mm diameter but not sure what pitch the thread is. I'm trying to make something for it and need the correct measurement to tap the required lock replacing the stock one. Example of what I mean below if no one understood.
(Not micra)
Got the techs to make this up for me at University.

Only problem is the thread on the K10 is different. This is made to 3.5mm dia (metric) where I think the car is imperial god knows....
Sorry matey I went out and measured it too but never put it on here
Its .6mm
Didn't measure diameter so it'll be 3.5mmx0.6mm thread :)
Yes mate :) I tried with the Imperial and Whitworth gauge closest was 1/8 and 62G but 0.6mm was perfect
If you know its a metric thread you can measure it without a gauge. From 1 thread of thread to another, in this case 0.6mm
Its called pitch just incase you wondered :)
Micras especially K10s are extremely imperial :)
Yeah I've found out this recently :( Do you mean check the thread by locking 2 threads together to see for a match? Coz I tired that with a metric 3.5mm not sure on pitch and it was a match but it doesn't screw into the bullet, which left me puzzled