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jowley s new sr


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I'm finally back to the micra bought myself an sr160 25k on the clock, came with the works climate control, keyless entry, auto wipers/light, well kitted. plans so far are to up the power to around 230bhp, rear disc conversion fully adjustable coilovers and 4 pot calipers.


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hey well im going to either supercharge or turbo just looking into the best option, then a full exhaust inc a custom manifold, and camshafts custom made with custom inlet, so should make it rather easy
Im looking into making a supercharged system where I use an electromagnetic clutch, like on the AC system. That way I can run normal, push a button and have more power. (I would not turn it on while going full speed)
I know that some Mercedes superchargers can have air running through, while the charger it not running.
When I turn on the system, I would also have to activate some sort of piggyback ecu.

I think it could work :)
Mines got a full SS cat back, 2nd cat delete, cherry bomb mid pipe and 17" short box - with a pipercross induction setup....

I'm making about 130bhp, and was looking at the impul supercharger setup from the HR15DE - but at best would get the car up to 180bhp.
Also been looking into an engine conversion to the MR16DDT from the juke (which begs a question of what would actually be required to do the conversion)- but even with a remap would only see about 200bhp....

So the big question is- how on earth do you plan to get a reliable 230bhp out of your SR????
(Not meant to sound negative by the way- just curious)
Only way to get an extra 100hp out of a micra is turbo and good map.

Most other 1.6 turbos are only running around 180bhp at present so its a big ask.
The 1.6 turbo Juke gets about this