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Jen's K12 Sport+ Turbo

Lol why is there a turbo word at the end of the title.. I thought all the diesels have turbos.

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I don't think the "65 ps" does?
There are a few different versions of the k9k engine.
65, 75, 82 (mine), 86, 88 (@Guy s)
The 82 and 88 are £30 to tax
The others are all in the next band (£100?)

...I did a lot of research before I got her :p

Wheels look fab Jen! Btw, you have lovely hands except for that pic where they're minging and your nails are full of oil :D.

...and they look suspiciously like a 62 year old mans hands? Lol


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I'm sure there a minging pic of yours in there somewhere :D. They are all turbo'd Jen, the lower power ones aren't intercooled. And yes, £30 tax rocks :).


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Yup. Remember when you were a kid pumping up your bike and the end of the pump got hot? Same principle. Because the turbo is compressing the air, the air naturally heats up (upto ~200c in some setups!). This causes it try and expand and effectively fights what the turbo is trying to do. By shoving the freshly compressed (hot!) air through a massive radiator, you dump this heat and the whole turbo setup becomes more efficient. Simples :).
Found another doppelganger :p
this time it's even in the UK

06 plate (dci 86) cra...not a Micra, just.....cra LOL
just £2,250 ;)


....actually looks like yet another directly in front in this shot LOL


Okay, posted this in the WDIDT? thread earlier but want to show you more thoroughly in here,
for the benefit of 5door K12 owners....
I posted about fitting my Genuine Nissan Blinds in the 3 door a while back.

Nissan's genuine eBay shop are currently selling these off for just a tenner! (£10 for a rear one, £10 for a set of sides)
so we got a set for Mums SVE, whether she want's 'em or not :p

By the way, I may have gone a little picture maaaaaaadd :D

The boxes... http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car2/IMG_20140620_142738_zps24c7c25d.jpg

Rear blind out the box, and bag, with instructions



slipping the little locators under the plastic trim..and around the window edge


Side windows...unlike the 3 door verisons, these came folded up (like the rear one does)


note the Velcro located strategically around the perimeter of the blind. this is indentical on both sides of the blind so they aren't left/right specific

12 velcro pads with sticky backsides ^_^ (6 for each blind)


You need to put one of these on each of the 6 corresponding patches of velcro on the blind itself, on one side of it of course...

use the cleaning cloth supplied (smells strongly like a permanent marker pen/Acetone) to wipe around the inside around the window
....the black rubber/plastic bit not the exposed paintwork ;)

remove the paper/film from each of the 6 velcro pads (still attached to the actual blind) and carefully line it up to the window...
I started by lining up the bottom edge then did the sides and the upper edge last...make sure contact is good and firm.
I found that along the upper edge i need to squeeze the blind down slightly to line up correctly, and also had to press the pads around the top rubber as it is not flat and curves quickly...if that makes sense....anyway...



Ta Da!!!! ^_^

I looked at buying 3 other cars when looking at the micra,so glad I settled for the one I did :) The white wouldn't be so good where I live though,country roads and farm tracks,lots of mud,my white hyundai was never that white haha
This may sound like a daft question,do the blinds effect vision much when driving with them on?
I don't think so but my mum doesn't like hers so much.
They're as fine at night as during the day, its just a fine mesh.
you look through it normally and its fine, if you try too hard to see through it all you see is mesh...
Does that make sense?
They give the effect of an expensive tint job in the pic.Yeah think I know what you mean,best to try not to focus too much,easy for us men to do ;) we easily loose atte....*oh look chocolate* ummm what was I saying again? ;D
I love mine! Really good. Like you say looks like a good tint job that u can take out anytime :)


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Genuine Nissan Blinds (ignore the boot liner...I'll get to that next ;) )


you can apparently get these for a 5 door model, but I'm not sure how the rear windows would work? o_O
obviously the rear windscreen id identicle on 3 and 5 door K12's ;)

Fitting the side window blinds...


You will probably need a flat head screw driver to help with this, the first time around I found it very frustrating...the slimmer the screw driver the better to slide between the trim and the glass


...there are three of these jagged clips, to slot under the trim, which hold it in place



Fitting the rear hatch window blind is very simple, it just slots into place (as the plastic surrounding trim is not as close to the metal as the rear side windows are to the glass :rolleyes:



Exterior view...full effect...

Before: http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car/DSC00607_zpsd7cff904.jpg
After: http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car/DSC00614_zps48542aac.jpg

from the inside: http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car/DSC00616_zps851386da.jpg

it doesn't stop too much light getting into the car and is still fine, vision wise, when driving at night.

I picked up both the rear screen blind and the pair of side window shades from ebay at £13.99 and £13.50 respectively...that includes postage ;)

I cant find the side window blinds - could you link a set
hello i know this is an old post BUT ive got note n-tex wheels on my micra like you did! HAH. i love this thread its so helpful. Im having problems with my central locking or key fob i think. i press once to unlock the car only the driver door unlocks i press it again and that enables the boot to open only. the only way to open all doors is the press the unlock button inside the car by the handbrake, know what i mean!?? ahh, what to do? what could be the problem? plz help!


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*Cough* Diesel *Cough* :p

Well...I got an alert a week or two ago, telling me that I'd been here a year....a whole year! and I've no thread dedicated to my baby :O *gasp*

okay, so I'm no modder...she's never going to be ridiculously lowered on eibach springs, with some outrageous exhaust system and "19 spinner rims with rubber band tyres :oops:
...but...I still do little bits and bobs that other K12 owners may find handy to know about. ;)
I've made nearly 1,900 posts (at time of writing) and more than half of those are probably pointless...so I'm going to put the useful ones here, in one place....with shiny, shiny pictures... in most cases ^_^

The car
a selection of photo's by the seller (late 2009)


2005 (55)
K12 Sport+
1.5 Dci (82) 1461cc
Nissan Arctic White (326)
119g CO2/Km (Band C, £30 Road Fund Licence)
Easily achieving 65MPG

I bought her from a Trade seller *shudders* in Poynton, near stockport in Cheshire
Part exchanged my 1997 (p-reg) White K11...for £600 off the almost £5000 price tag
...this was almost 4 years ago remember
She was actually advertised as having the 86hp engine, which would have been Tax band D, so I nearly didn't bother with her :O
...thank goodness for "My car check", eh?

..The earliest photo I have as the owner was taken in April 2010.


Latest Photo: 3rd August 2013


New photo: 19th April 2014


to be continued....

Liking the colour combo. Looking good so far. I like 5 door for my daily driver (new orange Aygo) and 3 door for my project car (blue 06 K12 160SR) as the 3 door looks slightly coupe.
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Callum, you can add coupe look to yours by taping B-pilars black like I did to mine ;)



A nice mod, but not for me really. It was done standard on the Ka Collection and I grew to hate that car I had. Just a thought, but making the tape flush and streight with the windows top and bottom will finish it off nicely. I like the individuallity people have for their mods on here.
A nice mod, but not for me really. It was done standard on the Ka Collection and I grew to hate that car I had. Just a thought, but making the tape flush and streight with the windows top and bottom will finish it off nicely. I like the individuality people have for their mods on here.
Individuality mod in my is also amber taped rear turn signals, I don't like those clear ones in rear of these vehicles...


Back in February (2013) I found a K12c heater control unit on ebay...It has Black Kn0bs and Mine had the White/Cream ones.
I had called Nissan to get a quote for the little plastic kn0bs, which they do sell seperately, They wanted £17...+VAT....for EACH KN0B!!!! :O
so I got a whole unit...for £20 +£3 post


Okay...here goes...
tools...: a piece of rubber non-slip mat for grip and cushioning, the hugest pair of pliers a girl can lay her hands on :p

...and 3...




...a note to my fellow K12 owners...doing this is a piece of piss, however...if you wanted to go the other way (from black to cream/white)
...you will have to modify/cut the fixing prongs on the centre/small dial, as they are much longer and will not sit right back on the K12c heater unit.
...(you'd have to change the whole unit not just the kn0bs ;))

I take it the dials just pull out and new ones pop in, from cream to black? I've been putting this off thinking the whole unit needed changed. I really want a set in mine and with plenty scrappers on eBay I'm sure I'll get them very cheap
Is color code on label in the lid of glove box?
If so, can't check it at the moment, glove box is off the vehicle, location of the lid unknown...:(
Yes, mine is b33 temperature blue. Label is on right side, passenger side.
Thing that I can't figure out, off side and near side? Why sides can't be called, like it is rest of the world with many languages, right or left side, simply:eek:
I've just picked up a 2008 1.2 tekna in b33 :) my new project as the current silver 04 1.0l e is dying a horrific death. Near side is near kerb that's the way to remember,left and right gets confusing as left looking at the front of the car is different to left side sat inside or behind the car lol

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Any pics of the new car? You should strip the old one of usable parts if scrapping it, things you can experament with spraying a different colour for those cheap easy to do mods. If its got alloys, keep those as a spare set for say winter or summer depending on which set you like best or the tires if it's got usable tred. Plenty stuff you could salvage for the winter, asuming you have space for these things.
What are your plans for it?
Yeah moving over the best of old to new,springs,Jap grills lots of other bits and mods. Old has Renault alloys,new has the 160sr ones so keeping new cars wheels,but painting them up. New one needs work though as it's an insurance write off.

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