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Jen's K12 Sport+ Turbo

I simply prefer the 3 door as I've always had this fear of someone trying to get in the rear passenger doors o_O
I would never be able to put my handbag on the back seat :rolleyes:
I should put my handbag? On my rear "metal bit where seat used to be".. and leave the doors unlocked... just not tell the thieves they're welded shut hehe :D
Anyways superman cushion are much more appealing :p
And those note wheels do look aweesssooommmeee :)
fabulous documentation of work Jen ;)

That means a lot coming from someone who has an index, for their index, for their blog :D
I should put my handbag? On my rear "metal bit where seat used to be".. and leave the doors unlocked... just not tell the thieves they're welded shut hehe :D
Anyways superman cushion are much more appealing :p
And those note wheels do look aweesssooommmeee :)

....if your rear doors are welded shut...isn't it technically a 3 door? o_O


will be adding a breakdown of oil change procedure later...but right now my phone's battery is dead, so it's holding the photo's hostage <_<
I have ^_^
Asked a friend to grab my spanner out the back. He pulled the door to no avail.. pulled the door pin up and tried again.. nope :D so he sat 'fixing' my lock.. hadn't the heart to tell they're welded shut :p
Lock works well though
when I sprayed my bumper I noticed I was missing a fixing screw or two...today I replaced them ;)

Rear Bumper fixings


What it should have (I may have painted it....just a bit :oops:)

What I replaced it with (it's a front bumper to x member fixing from a K12 Spirita...the same one I got my trims from ages ago <_<)

Firmly in situe ;)


...Also fixed a hanging piece of plastic from right under the car...not far from the heat shield infact...


I used the same type of fixing for this one too :p

Changing the Air filter...Dci

Although I didn't actually change it in the end (as it looked pretty okay....and I don't appear to have a new one to fit anyway LOL)

Air filter box


Take off lid/top cover


my clips are actually broken so it just pulls off...yours may take some jiggling :p

gently pull the filter away from the casing, then you can lift the filter, in it's frame, out of the box


lift the filter out of the frame, check its condition, replace if required.


You may have noticed that we write the mileage at which it was replaced, the date is also written on the other side
...handy if you can't remember when you did it...or if you wanna check after a garage service if they even bothered LOL

To re-fit, simply apply these steps in reverse

  • slot new filter into frame...rubber edge up
  • place frame with filter back into the box
  • gently push the filter (and frame) into the slot (push it away from you)
  • put the lid back on

Told ya...

  • piece
  • of
  • piss

Thanks Dom ;)

will be adding a few things that I supervised my personal engineer *cough*Dad*cough* doing :p
but I gotta sort out the pictures and what actually got done LOL
Oil change (K9K engine)

well...my understanding of it... :oops:
....yet again...I supervised, but I got as many photo's as I could..and tried to pay attention :p

....go for a little drive, warm up the engine, and thus oil, to imporove it's flow/viscosity so it'll dribble out nicely ;)

release bonnet...lift bonnet...prop up bonnet ^_^
engine bay...

Remove plastic engine cover...


it's firmly in place but with a good ol' tug should come away nicely ;)
http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car2/DSC00644_zps06a5215e.jpg ... http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z110/Sai_art/Car2/DSC00642_zps42ea8d5e.jpg

Jack up car....both sides...at the front, obviously...place on axle stands for extra safety....

take off the under car shield ...3 bolts along the front edge (by the bumper), 2 bolts towards the rear
...mine is also held by a cable tie either side.... as at higher speeds it used to make a funny noise as it was flapping about LOL


locate the sump plug...Make sure you have something under it to catch the old oil too...and take off the oil filler cap while you're at it...


....I'm waiting for someone to....comment.... about this photo LOL

once your oil has all drained out, locate and remove the old filter...it's...awkward on this engine, to say the least
...it's almost upside down, and between the air intakes (or whatever the pipes are there :p)
we removed it with one of those baby boa things (for opening jars)
...others, I'm aware, have resorted to the "screwdriver" method...AKA stab it to death 'til it un-bloody-screws method :D
...it's under there... lol

When you start to put it all back together, don't just put the old sump plug back in...first...replace the copper (often plastic/nylon) washer for a nice new one
...this will get squished when you put the plug back in...


also remove old tape from the thread of the plug and replace with a new length...wrap it anti-clockwise (as you'll screw it in clockwise) so it doesn't unravel when put in the sump.



also...before putting in the shiny new filter...pour a little new oil into the filter itself....swirl it around and make sure the rubber seal gets little over it too...be carfull when placing it into position as it will drip on you :p


once the sump plug is replaced and tight and the filter the same...you can start putting in the fresh oil
...we just used some bog standard, bargain stuff, from Asda, that was on offer, this year...£10 for 5 litres :p...


don't fill it all the way up straight away...let it settle a bit first, and check for any leaks (which would be bad :rolleyes: )

Check your level....lower the car back to ground level...then top up a bit more, check your levels again.



obviously now you can put your oil cap and engine cover back on...

it may take a couple of days to settle proper...so after you've driven a couple of times check your level again, and top up if need be ;)

....I've possibly missed something, but that's what I recall my engineer doing :p

Edit: Please remember to dispose of your used engine oil responsibly (at local council recycling centres etc ;))


Glorified Electrician
PTFE is only really for taper threads which your RENAULT sump plug probably won't have. Just pay the 20p for a new copper washer as you have done. Oh and come JAE ;)
PTFE is only for taper threads which your RENAULT sump plug won't have. Just pay the 20p for a new copper washer and don't be a cheapskate. Oh and come JAE ;)

Blame my engineer...he's always put a new copper washer and new tape on every year...apparently :p

I spoke to my mum today, about sneaking away to a car show...she sounded as though she'd be glad to see the back of me LOL

BTW I'm not a cheapskate...I'm a bargain hunter!...big difference ;)
Should never scrimp on oil imo. It's the lifeblood of your engine :)

I know :oops:
i'll see how it feels...I don't really do a whole lotta miles...done about 100 miles since we actually did the oil change...was about 2 weeks ago now ^_^
so far my MPG is actually up...so... I'm not an expert of course LOL

last year we used this stupidly expensive specialist Mazda diesel oil "Dexelia" 5w 30
...that we got 5 litres of from the car boot sale for just £12 :p


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I get my castrol gtx 10w40 4L from b&q £17 rather than £20 at supermarkets (unless they're on £10 sale which hasn't happened for the past few yrs now)
@jen319 the photo you said someone will comment about.... Is it that the cars still on the widow maker? (little windy up stand)

Yeah that and it has renault stamped into the underside of the sump LOL...seems only Andy and Andy spotted it ^_^

*whispers* Jen did say she put it / her dad put it on axle stands :)

...actually I said for saftety you should put it on axle stands :oops:

...dad rarely does.... *facepalm* ....but you all should! :D
Ah yes I remember you saying... was this the trolley jack incident :p

Yes...the trolley jack incident :rolleyes:
it was on piles of stone quite happy, and stable....he jacked it up from the rear, took/moved the stones away from one side...told me to put it down...it missed the new pile of stones and twisted/fell off *facepalm*
he got his revenge though...cut the front of it off now :p...that'll show it! LOL
So it was a I'll show you... with a grinder moment
I have this weird image of your dad now like the texas chainsaw massacre :p

yeah, that's pretty much it ^_^
...he picked up the massive engine hoist from work today...so hopefully we'll be able to hitch it and turn it around so we can start digging to lay more concrete behind my baby.... *fingers crossed*

maybe I should post some...like...actual stuff in my thread? LOL

Just a couple of things...When I first got my carin 2009...we took off each wheel cleaned it, polished it and put it back on.
...this makes it a million times easier to clean next time...

dad did my front brakes, discs and pads (which I will post up soon)..so we had the front wheels off...so I cleaned them and polished them again ;)





also...while we had the wheels off...I re-painted my callipers...I still had the little tin from Halfords and it still works great...3 years later! o_O
just gave the tin a shake and the paint a good old stir...sorted...proper job :p

They were looking pretty sorry for themselves, chipped, pitted and faded...a bit <_<


Had a go at them the the wire brush and used Meths to remove any left over grease, dirt and brake dust etc...then got my small, soft bristtle brush, and did 3 coats, carefully covering the previous paint, but adding to bits I missed last time ;)


Good as new :D
Jen do you know what I thought one day in the future when you decide to sell your baby that person who going to buy will be so lucky because it's really clear car.


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Jen do you know what I thought one day in the future when you decide to sell your baby that person who going to buy will be so lucky because it's really clear car.


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Awww, shucks.... ^_^
I can't see myself ever selling her...I love her too much :p
A new owner would have to pry the keys from my cold, dead hands :D

Little update as I haven't posted in my own thread for ages.

Got 4 new tyres as the 2 on the front were borderline legal, and 2 of my spares were much the same.

185/50 R16
Marshall matrac mh11
£59.16 each....


...tread porn! Lol


Also had my MOT this week...definitely not as impressive as the clean sheet of last year :(
...she failed on O/S headlamp insecure and O/S wishbone suspension arm rubber bushes...
Never getting a Qdrive part again <_<
Only been on the car for barely18months...the N/S one has been on there 12 months longer and is still absolutely fine...£20 bargain out of the local paper too ;)
...anyway...cost £200 all in to sort her for a pass (part, labour, test, alignment/tracking)
Still 2 advisories...
N/S rear tyre beginning to perish (not new tyre, part worn from 2 years ago)
And O/S rear wheel inner bead rim slightly distorted...was picked up year before last, but not last year...stricter/more thorough tester me thinks.