JAE 2013 Stand List - Post here if you're coming!

You broke your micra all ready ade?
Sadly it would seem that my engine swap was an unmitigated disaster :(
Drove brilliantly for a week then sudden onset of huge big end knock.
Problem is from Monday I am working 2 jobs a day, one from 8 till midday and then from 1pm to 5pm. Both jobs are in Rotherham so I need wheels like straight away and don't have the time or money to sort the car so it has to go.

Hopefully come back to the micra fold soon....though that's not what I was saying when it happened :rolleyes:

Sorry guys :(

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Can't you jus get another engine? Keep the car
Not got the time, money, space or inclination tbh
I've GOT TO have a car for 7am Monday morning at the absolute latest otherwise I can kiss these 2 jobs goodbye....and one of them I haven't even started yet and its taken over 2 months to get through the application process :/
It'll work out mate......just you watch me ;)

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I won't be in a Jap car so no car on the stand for me, and I'm picking up NeX & Iris from the airport and bringing them so no car on the stand for them either.
I'm trying to cut down on stuffs... I've got brake lines running through my car... it hit me the other day that I can't go piling stuff on em.
Dam you practical car drivers


I've been on holiday for a week and a half. Did I miss anything good?

Oh crap yeah, bucketloads of planning to do now!!

Advance ticket deadline is tomorrow people!!! :D


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Not letting my over heating problems get to me, me my car and clodo will be there and if its with the aid of an AA truck so be it!
Got a clay bar kit for the Celica!

I'll raise your clay bar with...