JAE 2018 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!


30 - 45 places available thanks to a bigger plot this year!!

To be added to the stand list, please reply to this thread with your car info and include if you will be bringing along extra people.

PLEASE NOTE: All cars must be Japanese, other than the support vehicle. Non Japanese cars will not be allowed on the stand and must park in the public car park, outside the show.

MSC Stand Places for JAE 2018
  1. James - Unknown car, X Trail not happy at the moment!
  2. Max - Either 1.0 K11 or filthy BMW in the public car park
  3. Andy_S - K11 Cabriolet Turbo + Camper
  4. Ben - CG-powered K10 (hopefully!)
  5. Clodo - K11
  8. Arnold - Filthy Peugeot traitor

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Me pls.
Possibly first facelift 1.0 if i can wrangle it for the weekend. If not I'll be slumming it in the public car park!


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Me of course with camper on back
Just a Micra and any sort of trailer seems insane! I do like the colour though. We've been really tempted to go with that for ours and have the old man's company graphics put on so we can turn up to his next event for the ####s and giggles.

How'd you think a bright orange Micra would stack up?
I'll be coming on the stand if possible!! In #MikeyTheMicra, the 1.0 K11 rally(ish) car in my profile pic! Support car would be a Range Rover Sport. :)


I've ruined my car 🙁
Me and my friends had big plans for the 1000 mile round trip but unfortunately that was the one weekend out of the whole summer my friend was a busy so it's a no go. Next year is definite though

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