IAT rsistance reading?


My Micra K12 1.4cc 2005-2006 keeps indicating a P0113 fault which appears to be overvoltage from the IAT.

I have changed the sensor but still, get the error message.

The voltage to the unit is correct at 5v but the resistance reading at an air temperature of 17 degrees C is 0.6 ohms which according to the guidelines it should be more like 2 ohms.

My question is, how accurate is that reading supposed to be in the real world?

I checked it with a multimeter between pins 3 & 4 on the sensor.

The car is not bad when cold but when warmed up a bit it kangeroos badly.8-((

Could it still be the throttle body that is causing the kangarooing despite the MAF error?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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The MAF/throttlebody was a known issue on k11's and was solved by resoldering the dry joints

Not sure if the same is true for k12's but it could be worth checking

also did you clear the code after changing the sensor? might be a silly question but there's a certain amount of drives without the error before it goes away on it's own. It's possibly it's in some sort of limp mode because the ECU doesn't know you've fixed it? If you have a known-bad sensor and it is swapped with a known-good one, then for there still to be errors is confusing
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply.

The K12 throttle bodies are different but I do have a reconditioned one being fitted on Wednesday, hopefully, that will cure the problem.

Yes, the fault was cleared but it may have come back, I'm not sure as yet but I have a reader due tomorrow or the garage can check it on Wednesday.

No, it's not in limp mode as it will still get to 60mph with no trouble but will hesitate badly once warmed up.

So I have quite a mystery that is proving very difficult and expensive to resolve.8-((