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I can't find my Micra online anywhere?

Hi all, I have had my Micra for a few years now. It's just failed it's MOT and sadly it's financially time to part with it. Saying this, I can't find a reasonable value of it, let alone the car itself online. I put it up on Gumtree and was flooded with offers within minutes, which made me think it might be rare. I have a Nissan Micra Tempest, 2003, 5 doors with Automatic transmission. Does anyone have an idea where I can get an accurate valuation? Any help is much appreciated. I can't find it anywhere!
The value can be more set to what someone wants to pay. Looking on eBay recently I've seen K11's up for £2500. There is the odd tempest pop up as well. There is a market still for small auto's.
Unfortunately with no MOT a buyer cannot legally drive it away limiting to who would purchase, maybe for £2-300.
What type of work is needed for an MOT?