so baby had sagging doors ,
well she is 25 !
but I hated it , having to lift and slam the door at the same time so I needed to do something about it ,
rang local Nissan parts supplier - Mooneys , Walkinstown , Dublin
they kindly supplied me with new pins and bushings for both doors ,
got to work over the weekend and heres how ,
jacked up centre of door to take weight off hinges ,
pushed out small circlips from pins .
knocked pin out on top and bottom hinge .
lifted door out away from car .
then I knocked out the small copper bushes (4 each side)
cleaned up hinges and gave a good smear of grease .
knocked in 4 new bushes
offered door back up to ope using jack to take weight
pushed new pins in , circlipped and hey presto - no sag
repeated on passenger side
simples but so rewarding
had look at old pins and bushes - not what id call badly scored (minor to be honest) or anything but its amazing the difference these new pins and bushes make