Gearbox and clutch questions K10/K11


I've tried a search and I'm finding conflicting answers!

I have a Nissan Pao, which is a K10 Micra underneath. Engine has been swapped to a K11 CG13. Still running the MA10 5 speed manual box, using an early 160mm CG10 flywheel. New MA10 clutch kit IIRC.

I've yet to have it apart again (car's at the garage for the last few MOT bits) but there's a fair bit of noise unless you depress the clutch. Sounds a lot like a worn release bearing, but I'm certain that was new.

I'd like to get the right bits in stock before I investigate again. I'm thinking another full MA10 clutch kit, but do early CG10 have the same clutch, or some differences there?

Long term, has anyone fitted CG gearbox to a K10? Either with a CG engine, or the standard MA? I'm assuming a difference in driveshafts, which then may lead onto a whole load more work...

I'm also seeking a gearbox side mount, if anyone has anything?!
From what I remember mate you can mount a cg10 5 speed (pre98) onto a cg13, not a straight swap from the sound of it but probably worth it.

This guy swapped a cg10 5speed into his k10 see if that helps at all.

What are you going to do with the worn Ma10 5 speed? Would be interested in buying it