Front wipers stopped working!! Help? :)

I love my micra but it is being a royal pain in the behind recently...
Today there was a bug on ma screen so I pushed the wiper stalk up to get rid only for my wipers to stop dead half way up!
I've changed the 15a fuse in the fuse box. Still nothing.
If it helps the back wiper still works and when you turn front wipers on you can hear the motor but the wipers won't budge!

It's a 2003 1.0e

Many thanks in advance xxx
Hi Laura,

If you can check the wiper linkages are rusty or not.

You have to remove the two bolts that holds the wiper arms, wiggle a bit to loosen the wiper arms. Then unscrew the plastic screws on both side and pull of the plastic panel out to have the access to the wiper motor and linkages.

[Photo has been copied from, thanks to him :)]


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