few k11 bits for sale dials and stuff

humm ive done some up grading so i have some old bits i dont want! maybe YOU do :p

complete set of OEM K11 suspension springs and shocks

individual corners £20 each for 1 spring and 1 shock
complete set £70
or any offers welcome :)

original 1litre black dials simple as you can get with petrol gague speedo and temp but otherwise fully working £20,

vertical rear wiper £15 or if you want it horizontal £25 as it requires some remote effort

standard plasticy rubber gear nob (screw on) £5

all offers welcome or swap whatever pm me and postage can be arranged
what is that upgraded? but i only swapped the motor so i dont have an arm but the standard one works fine if converted mate
also ill find out postage next week as post offices will be shut for new year already

anyone else want anything?

i also have a sunroof glass which is mint if anyone wants name me a price

also on the other parts listed give an offer i simply dont want it lol